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Mallard has shown his commitment as the DA
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Dear Editor,

To the people of the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit (Bulloch, Effingham, Jenkins and Screven counties):

I am Joe Martin, your retired district attorney (1991-2002). I know District Attorney Richard Mallard and the person running against him. Mr. Mallard worked with me for more than 11 years as your chief assistant district attorney.

His opponent has worked for me twice. The first time I hired her, she indicated that she wanted a career in prosecution. She resigned and moved to Savannah. Six months later she came back to Statesboro and asked for her old job back. She claimed she made a mistake and wanted to make a career in my office. She promised me she would stay, this time. Three months later, she was gone, again. She has demonstrated that her heart is not in prosecuting criminal cases.

I know Richard Mallard. I know when he makes a commitment, he means it. I know Richard is committed to his family, church and the community that he services. He is also committed to serving the victims and the office he now holds. I know that Richard has donated his time to the people of Georgia by volunteering as an instructor for the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia. He has helped teach new prosecutors in Georgia for 20 years. I know this because I taught with him for many years.

I know Richard Mallard and the person running against him. I do not hesitate to ask the voters to re-elect Richard Mallard as your district attorney.

Joe Martin
Retired District Attorney