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Not raising taxes is not cutting them
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Dear Editor, 

What “tax cuts” is Washington talking about? Out taxes are not going to be cut. Washington is debating whether or not our taxes will be raised.
The Democrats want to let the Bush tax rates expire for everyone. If the Democrats get their way, your taxes (if indeed you even pay taxes) go up on Jan. 1, 2011.
The Republicans want to keep the Bush tax rates as they are now. If the Republicans get their way your tax rates (if indeed you even pay taxes) will remain the same.
What is so hard to understand about that? Do you want your taxes to go up or stay where they are?
When I was in the workforce, I always worked for someone who had money, drive, ambition, a dream. I never worked for a “poor person.” The truly poor in this country do not pay taxes. The taxpayers of this country, not Washington D.C., pay for the programs that subsidize the poor.
Washington is really good at letting everyone know “they” are helping the poor. They conveniently forget to tell you, you are the one footing the bill. Washington has only the money they take from you.
The line is drawn. Do you want your tax rate to stay where it is, or do you want your taxes to go up? It’s a sorry state of affairs when Washington openly pits one class (poor) against the other (rich).
If the rich are corrupt and are stealing from the poor, they need to be charged, prosecuted and sent to jail. If they are using their abilities and talents to run a business that provides jobs for people, leave them alone.
I am sick of hearing politicians and media redefine the English language. Is it any wonder the American voters are fed up with their representatives?

Rose Harvey