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Spend money on more deputies, not officials
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Dear Editor:

We would love to know how an elected commissioner at large could generate enough funds to pay his salary which would amount to about $22,000 per year. It seems like there will be a conflict in voting on any one subject because six is an even number, if three votes one way and three votes the other way who will break the tie? Confusing, isn’t it.

The same as for the election board. Whoever came up with the idea needs to give some kind of sensible justification. It will cost more money for an election board. There are extra costs for more man power, extra phone bills, extra electric bills and extra building space which cost more money. When probate was in charge of all of these, they were in one building and it seems to us and many more are thinking that they did a good job. If someone can explain to us how they did not do a good job please do so.

We, as the majority, know that this at large commissioner will not benefit us. Speaking of spending, the present commissioners inherited most of the debt that they are being accused of. More people are moving into the county. We need more law protection.

The money that is being spent for the at large commissioner and the election board could be used some place like the Sheriff’s department, or some other place that the money is more needed. We need more deputies on the road in our communities.

Jasper Lee