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State Chamber applauds Barrow
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Dear Editor,

By the slimmest of margins, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the “American Clean Energy and Security Act.”

The 1,500-page bill, which included a 300-page, last-minute floor amendment, would impose massive new costs and burdensome regulations on American businesses and cost millions of Americans their jobs while making a negligible impact on worldwide climate.  

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce wholeheartedly supports the development of an energy plan that takes into account conservation of the environment, less reliance on foreign sources of oil, and the availability of affordable energy for our homes and businesses.  These goals are not mutually exclusive, but developing the sound policy to achieve them will take more time than Congress and the President appear willing to spend.

Without question, the bill as passed is not the answer.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce wishes to publicly applaud Rep. John Barrow for his willingness to do what was right for the people of Georgia by voting to oppose this detrimental legislation. His district and our state are fortunate to enjoy his leadership.

George M. Israel III
Georgia Chamber of Commerce