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Thanks to a stranger for helping out
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Dear Editor,

This is a thank you letter to the young gentleman who so graciously came to the aid of my brother and me on the night of Nov. 13. It was pouring rain at 6:30 p.m. when I missed the turn at Fort Howard Road and Willowpeg Road and went in the deep ditch.

I failed to get your name and the deputy and police didn’t get it either.

He called 911, and stayed with us in the pouring rain until officers got there. I insisted that he leave because we were not hurt, but he wouldn’t. We are both elderly. He stayed and helped the deputy and police get us out of the car and up the embankment. They called the wrecker and my son, who came and took us home.

We greatly appreciate your kindness and hope that you or someone you know what happened can get this to you.

Thanks again,
Carolyn B. Morgan