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Turned off by negative advertising
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Dear Editor:

I am totally appalled at the disgraceful ads our politicians are putting out over the airwaves. If one can’t run on a positive slate of what they want to do to help our poor, sick, discouraged, misled people, they don’t have much to offer and they definitely forgot the old saying, “He who slings mud loses ground.”
What’s more, what are we telling our precious young people coming as they hear all this trash? We try to teach them not to lie, disrespect people or not to run other people down, and here our politicians running for office to lead the high offices of our country, state and federal government are trying to run their opponents in the ground so they can be elected. Disgusting.
God help us and forgive us. I have run for office several times and never once was negative about my opponent. I didn’t win every time but I felt good about the elections, number one, because the people have a choice and number two, I kept my campaign clean.

Rachael Jackson