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Live from Trump Broadcasting
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Every time I turn on the news, which is almost never anymore, I get something to laugh about.

My biggest laugh of the week is President Obama’s vow to reduce the budget by $4 trillion over the next 12 years.

What. Ever.

First of all, I don’t see him getting re-elected, but stranger things have happened.

I don’t think he’s a bad guy, I just think he’s not the right guy.

If he was gonna reduce the budget by trillions, he should’ve thought about that before spending eight of them two years ago.

But you know, it wasn’t something the current administration could help.

They had to, because Bush got us into the mess that we needed to get out of.

George W. Bush, the maniacal ruler who took our financial system and flushed it all down the toilet.

George W. Bush, who decided we needed to go to war against the infidels to the tune of a couple of tril over the last 10-plus years.

George W. Bush, who along with Dick Cheney, still rules from behind the silky billowing green curtain in the land of Oz, turning cranks, pushing buttons, and speaking into a voice changer that echoes across the land.

I all sounds so absurd, doesn’t it?

Hey, it’s what the left is touting know...makes for good commentary.

Bill O’Reilly, who I’m not a terribly huge fan of, did pose a question to Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) asking if he felt we were better off now than we were ten years ago.

Kucinich, always looking like he’s trying to beat the flies away, walked all the way around that question.

He tried as best he could to kind of answer by saying he didn’t want social programs cut.

“That’s not what I asked you, sir. Do you think we need to get back to where we were ten years ago, when we were a prosperous, thriving country? Just answer my question.”

He wouldn’t. Or couldn’t.

Finally, with one last arm twist, O’Reilly got him to kinda sorta admit that we aren’t doing as well now as we were 10 years ago.

Then Dennis Miller came on in his usual segment and backed Billy up, saying he was sick and tired of having so much of his earnings go out to people who didn’t want to get off their tails and contribute.

He understood that there is a certain percentage of folks in the country who do need help, who do legitimately need our tax dollars to get by in life.

His big beef was the fact that he could, very conceivably, end up paying 51 percent of his earnings in taxes.

“That means these bums out there are getting more of my money than I am! Do you think the government would just call it even and give me back that one percent? No way. If I had to go fifty-fifty with them, I would. I just don’t think they’d be so quick to give me back that one percent overage.”

O’Reilly thinks that if the government imposed a national sales tax — with a couple of exclusions — it would be a way for the country to reboot.

That would be OK, except that there is no way the government would ever keep it at the same level.

It would be a windfall to the coffers and they’d keep jackin’ it up, bit by bit.

Then we would have another Greece or Spain or Ireland or Iceland on our hands.

And the other thing I found funny, aside from Obama’s speech which was a total yawnfest as indicated by VP Joe Biden who could just barely keep from doing a seventh-inning stretch, was how the left is poppin’ off about the possibility of Donald Trump running for President.

Oh Lord.

Gottem runnin’ scairt!

Yes, the Donald is a bit bombastic and pompous and aggressive, but by golly, he would be better than half the office holders we’ve had in the last century, and probably more entertaining by far.

I’d vote for him just for a bit of levity.

He certainly wouldn’t do any worse than the last few, and he could actually do a far better job of cutting waste.

Then of course, you get Ivana to come back into the picture as the down-on-her-luck ex-wife of big Don who has to live in the

White House with him and his lovely young foreign-born bride and you got a reality show on your hands, honey.

“The First First Lady.”

Tune in every Sunday night as Donald fires a White House staffer and Ivana dukes it out with the new wife.

He’ll get my vote!