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Make your voice heard in Tuesday's elections
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This may be the most under-the-radar municipal election in history.

There were no forums scheduled for any of the three city races, at least none that we heard of. It has been, until very late, a very quiet if not subdued campaign. Recent ads by a group calling itself LIFE has backed candidates in all three races. But it’s not a full slate, either.

We have tried to profile the candidates in recent weeks to let you know a little something about them, what they stand for and why they do. Ultimately, the decision isn’t up to us or a special interest group or an unknown political action committee. It’s up to the people in Guyton, Rincon and Springfield.

While there may not be any huge issues to drive people to the polls, such as a liquor by the drink referendum, there are a series of matters that add up to how people may want their community to be in a few years or more. That more growth is headed Effingham’s way really isn’t even the question anymore.

But how that growth will be handled, with the resulting traffic, water and sewer needs, is a question. Hopefully, you have had a chance to either meet the candidates or find out about what they stand for and what their vision for the future of the community is.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday at all three cities. The polling places are as follows:

• Guyton — the old Guyton City Hall at 505 Magnolia Ave., Room 5

• Rincon — Vernon C. Hinely Community Center, Columbia Avenue

• Springfield — City Hall council room

In our paper today, you also will find the ballots for Tuesday’s elections. While what lever you pull is important, it is even more significant that you are there to pull a lever.