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Methane, profane, inane
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How dumb does the government really think we are? Do they take us for a bunch of morons or what? Do they really expect for the American public to just sit back and take whatever they dish out, because that’s exactly what they act like.

This whole climate change conference in Copenhagen is the biggest joke since Y2K.

You will almost never hear opposing views on climate change. The media just won’t talk about opposing viewpoints because it has no “shock value.” Would you be really shocked to find out that there is no real validation to “climate change” or “global warming?” That it’s really all about the dollars involved?

And as much as I use Google for all my Internet “research,” I’m pretty offended that every time I open the site now I am asked if I want to see the “Climate Change” from Google Earth. I clicked it once to see what was up, and who should pop up but the big ol’ hole-in-the-ozone himself, Al Gore.

No thank you.

I clicked out and made a mental note to start looking for other search engines. When it comes to “Climate Change,” I think “DogPile” would be appropriate.

I don’t mind Google, but I don’t think every Web site ought to be posting their political views. They even offer an Obama time capsule book on my iMac opening page ... do you really think I would read that crap? A book about someone who has done nothing for this country except to hand us over in a picnic basket for the rest of the world to feed on?


If Barack Obama was half as interesting as Jerry Lewis, we might have something to talk about. As it is, he can’t dance his way out of a paper bag. Not with Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod manipulating the puppet strings.

And with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid playing Ward and June Cleaver, our nation is really going to hell in that picnic basket.

Just when you thought you were safe from the likes of Eddie Haskell, along comes Barack Obama.

Talkin’ a sweet game to your face while twistin’ that dagger into your back.

I hope the folks that get to vote in 2010 make some major political changes in their voting booths.

I read a letter to the editor in one of the Las Vegas papers where this woman was begging people to vote Harry Reid back in or they would lose their “voice” in Congress. She figured it was better to have him than no one.

Hey lady! Think again.

For Harry Reid to have the audacity to compare the GOP’s reluctance to sign off on the health care bill with holding back in the emancipation of slaves ... well ... excuse me, but back in the day, in the Days of Tara and Gone With The Wind, those “Republicans” were actually “Democrats.”

These folks in Congress need to shut up once and for all and pay attention to the people who voted them in, otherwise they won’t get the chance next time the people go to the polls.

Climate change?

I’ll say the climate has changed a lot in this country in the last 11 months.

When the President was doing the lambada all over the country, it was hot hot hot, baby. He was creating a lot of heat in this country, getting people all hyped up and whipped up in a frenzy.

Suddenly, those same people who were doing cartwheels to get this “change” for our country are sitting like stunned bunnies as the deep freeze takes over.

This administration is getting more and more like the evil stepfather or wicked stepmother. They come in with bright shining promises, but within no time are tossing the kids down in the dark cellar and locking the door.

You wanted change?

You got it.

You believe in “climate change?”

Oh believe me, you’re gonna get a big dose of it whether you like it or not and it’s coming right out of your back pocket.

Who is going to pay for the emerging markets to cope with climate change?

The American Taxpayer.

Obama doesn’t have the stash. He has to manufacture it, and we have to pay for it.

If the likes of Fidel Castro have nothing good to say about our President, who by all means intends to socialize this country, then you know there is a problem.

I think it’s time to do like my grampa told me some years ago, “Pack a bag and head for the hills, girl!”

Rather than head for the hills, I may just camp out on that big floating chunk of ice that’s headed for Australia. I’ll stick a flag in it and ask for monetary help to fight my global warming emissions.

What. Ever.