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Senate OKs silencers for hunting
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SB 301 — This bill allows “silencers” for hunting firearms. “Silencers” is the legal term used by the federal government but could be more accurately described as a suppressor. This bill would make Georgia the 15th state to allow silencers for hunting.

When hunting some animals like a wild boar or a bear, it could take more than one shot to bring it down. Many times the shot of the weapon is so loud it scares the animal away before discharging a second or third round. Silencers enable hunters to get off more rounds when shooting a large animal. Another benefit of this bill is the protection of the shooter’s hearing.  Though these silencers do not make the shots almost virtually silent as portrayed in movies, they do suppress sound by about 14.3-43 decibels.

There are concerns that this bill might encourage poaching. Senate Bill 301 strictly forbids this and adds to the penalty for the violation.

Though this bill will make suppression for firearms legal in Georgia, federal law requires an individual to go through a lengthy application process in order to obtain a required federal license.

Passed the Senate

SB 302 — Increases the amount State Universities and Technical Colleges can borrow from $300 million to $500 million for payback projects like dormitories, cafeterias, parking decks, student life centers, etc.  It does not count against the state debt but all of the projects pay back the loans.

HB 477 — Sets up licensing for insurance agencies and agents for renewal every two years on the licensee’s birthday starting after Dec. 31, 2012.

HB 683 — Restricts who can be served with a garnishment and requires a form to be filled out.

SB 227 — Allows records for home school attendance to be submitted to the Department of Education rather than the local school superintendents.

SB 319 ­— Allows state parks to set boating requirements in parks individually.

SB 305 — Allows an increase from $3 to $5 in the fee to be collected from new motor vehicle purchases to pay for the Lemon Law Administration.

SB 300 — Insures proper labeling for locally made sugar cane or sorghum syrup and exempts from state inspection.

SB 307 — Allows for a one day salt water fishing license for $5 typically to fish off a pier.

SB 309 —“Taylor’s Law” allows special hunting privileges for terminally ill young people.

Legislation introduced

SB 358 — Allows vendors in the state of Georgia to be able to compete equally with vendors who are residents in other states including any local governments within that state when bidding on projects.

SB 362
— Allows for the sale and removal of deadhead logs from navigable streams. These can be centuries old logs that sank while being floated to market.

SB 369 — Continues the Georgia Geospatial Advisory Council until June 30, 2015 for providing the public geographical based data as well as preparing Georgia for FEMA requirements.

SB 371 — This gives local governments the ability to contract with Community Improvement Districts to build and maintain airports

HB 337 — Allows retirees in the Sheriff’s Retirement Fund to end the benefits to a divorced spouse and reinstate it to a new spouse.

Tax season

The IRS is offering free tax filing for those who made $57,000 or less in 2011. Simply go on the internet to to prepare and electronically file your tax returns.  In addition, taxpayers can have their refunds direct deposited in their accounts in less than 10 days.

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