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The McKinney bailout plan
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Well it seems to be a foregone conclusion that the U.S. government is going to give Wall Street $700 billion. That's $700,000,000,000. Right now, Congress is arguing over how to keep CEOs from benefiting the most over this windfall of our tax dollars.

So, here is what Congress is going to do. They will argue, beg, swap favors and finally come up with a plan to "save" us from ourselves at the cost of $2,333 from every single man, woman and child in the U.S. For a family of four, that will be over $9,000. To get this money, they are going to borrow it and you and I will get to pay it back with interest. Knowing how the government has been working for the last 20 years that means all we will pay is interest and we will leave the debt to future generations.

Now, with this money that we have to pay back will in turn go to companies who are in trouble. They are in trouble because people are having a hard time paying their mortgages for many reasons. Many people are in trouble because they can't sell their homes because of the housing market slump. For whatever reasons, Wall Street needs homeowners to pay their loans back. The money is to bail them out, not us. We won't see a dime of it. People will still lose their houses, their equity, but these Wall Street companies and the economy will survive.

So how exactly is this going to help Joe Homeowner? Well, I have an idea that helps out the homeowners, helps out the markets, and helps out the mortgage companies with the same amount of money. It also directly helps out the "little" guy, which is the people we are really trying to help, aren't we?

According to the U.S. government, there are about 75,000,000 owner occupied houses in the U.S. with approximately 40 percent of these are paid off. That leaves us with 45,000,000 mortgages. With a default rate of around 8 percent, that would put about 3.6 million home owners at risk. So here is my plan.

Let’s quadruple the number of at risk loans. Let's pick 15 million homeowners that are considered at risk. Let's write them a check, to be endorsed by their mortgage company for $45,000. Or we could pick half of the homeowners in this country and write them a check for $22,000. I know that would help me. That would put the money into the hands of the mortgage companies; put equity into their homes, help them save their homes and would cost less than the current bail out plan. Everyone wins.

Since the U.S. taxpayer is the one paying for this bailout, why shouldn't we reap the benefits as well as the companies that made the loans in the first place? This plan costs the same, it easy to administer, and instead of the money going directly to the companies, it goes through the taxpayers who are the ones really hurting. It's too bad we don't have lobbyists in Washington for us but all we have are congressmen and senators who are more indebted to the Wall Street lobbyists than they are to us. I guess the biggest problem is that this will make too much sense.