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The show that never ends
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Ah … the Obama Administration Regime.

We won’t tax you.

We’ll create millions of jobs for Americans.

We’ll be kind to small businesses.

We’ll take care of our people, young and old alike.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside.

Come inside, the show’s about to start, guaranteed to blow your head apart.

Rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth, it’s the scariest time in our country, the scariest time on earth. You gotta see the show … it’s a dynamo … you gotta see the show.

Oh, OK, so I took some liberal license with the lyrics, but it’s Live from the White House, “Karn Evil 9.”

It’s definitely evil, considering what the administration is planning to do with health care and how ill-fated our current way of life seems to be going.

The Health Care Plan isn’t about the government setting up its own clinics and offering low cost health care to Americans — its planning to set up its own insurance company at an exorbitant rate. If you don’t have private insurance, you will be forced to buy the government’s plan. Get ready, cause it ain’t gonna be cheap.

They will determine who gets treated, they will determine if you are eligible for surgery (i.e., if your life is worth saving or not), and if you are elderly, you will be given a pat on the head and tossed onto the heap of the dead and dying.

Since I am now on this side of 50, I’m doomed if I happen to fall into the catastrophic illness category.

They’ll simply put my hiney on a conveyor belt and I will be reduced to Soylent Green. Since farmers and subsidies will be pushed by the wayside, the government will take over feeding the nation, and all the infirm and elderly will soon be processed into colorful wafers that the healthy folks can have as their breakfast, lunch or dinner supplements.

There was a very similar plan such as what the Regime is now cooking up. It didn’t work out very well, but millions lost their lives because of their ethnic backgrounds. You see, the Regime that was in place at the time thought that only the young, virile, healthy blonde-haired, blue eyed humans deserved to occupy space on this planet. And in particular, a certain country.

If you work part time and you are getting excited at the prospect of finally getting health insurance through your job because your employer will be forced to give it to you, think again.

Your employer is probably already so overburdened with taxes and paying health insurance costs for other employees that are full time that you might have to kiss your little P/T job goodbye, as that employer will have to go bust.

Good luck finding another job.

All those “shovel ready” jobs that Obama was talking about?

You got it. “Shovel ready,” meaning “we’ve got your graves ready to go.”

The only roads they’ll be diggin’ will be the roads to the new cemeteries.

You think that because you’re a senior citizen you have “rights?”

They’ve just gone out the window, my friend.

Senior citizens are being looked upon as the biggest burden in this country right now.

Remember telling your family “I don’t want to be a burden?”

Well, guess who’s taking you seriously?

Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security … all burdens on the government. Those programs have been drained dry. Not by people who need them, mind you, but by the government itself robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

Peter and Paul just got the call.

Oops. So sorry. We can no longer carry your tired old behinds on our plan anymore. Please step to the back of the line.

And the folks that are at the back of the line?

Tossed onto that heap I was telling you about.

You had for darned sure better get healthy and stay healthy.

That old football injury you like to talk about might just have you ending up on a conveyor belt.

“Oooh … this one tastes like rheumatoid arthritis!”

Soon the gypsy queen in a glaze of Vaseline

Will perform on guillotine

What a scene

What a scene.

Government Health Care Plans? It’s not “Reform.” It’s “Reformation.”

New attitude. New country.

It stinks.