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Time for Rincon to look in the mirror
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Choose any analogy you want. Giving themselves another black eye. Cutting off their nose to spite their face.

They all fit for the city of Rincon.

The city again has made itself the subject of ridicule and conjecture with another ugly episode, one that could have been avoided very easily. But it failed — miserably — to conduct the due diligence needed to determine if it actually had the right to use land that did not belong to the city. A survey crew and transit couldn’t have cost much money or time, could it?

We do not endorse or condone the action undertaken as a result of the wellhouse being erroneously constructed on land belonging to Herman Woods. Apparently, someone used a bulldozer to knock down that portion of the building that was on Mr. Woods’ land.

But has the city’s arrogance led it to this point — in court before a judge to determine if the city has overstepped its bounds and taken property that didn’t belong to it?

The city has its merits. For more than a decade, it has not levied a property tax. The rancor and acrimony that marked previous councils is a thing of the past, thankfully.

Yet the city could have avoided this most recent fiasco, rather than another legal entanglement that required a judge to resolve the matter — sort of. And the city still has other large issues ahead of it, such as a sewer and water service delivery agreement with the county.

At some point, the city needs to look at itself and see how others see its decision-making.

At this moment, it is not a pretty picture.