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Time misses the mark
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How very sad is it that President Obama was selected — yet again — as Time’s “Person of the Year”?

Are they just a bunch of lazy hacks who can’t be bothered to truly do some research and find someone worthy of that title?

The first person who jumped into my mind was Tyrone S. Woods, who defied orders to protect his fellow countrymen in Benghazi and gave his life for it.

Our laughable President would never, ever give up his life in that regard.

Oh wait ... that’s right. The episode in Benghazi will be stricken from the record books as if it never happened because it wrought so much negative attention on our current administration.

Just wipe it off the Dry Erase board.

It will fall among the many other episodes in history that the books want to eliminate, like the death camps during WW2.

But then, Time also named Hitler as “Man of the Year” in 1939.

And they’re still making stupid mistakes.

I was once a faithful reader of the magazine, but that fell off about 15 years ago.

MAD magazine is by light-years a better magazine. I mean, Spy vs. Spy? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Let’s examine why Time magazine selected Mr. Obama:

According to the managing editor, Richard Stengel, Obama is “both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America.” Same thing was said about Hitler being the architect of the new Germany.

Time’s Michael Scherer, in his tribute to the Great O (bow, scrape, and throw petals at his feet), said that O is responsible for “wars stopped or started (oh! that’s a good one!), industries saved (none), restructured (from bang to bust aka Solyndra), or re-regulated (never a good word), tax cuts extended, debt levels inflated (and that’s good because...?), terrorists killed (uh ... that would be Seal Team Six, Mr. Scherer, not the man who likes to beat his own kids at bowling), health insurance — get this one — “reimagined,” (which basically means “how wonderful for the government to take over the health care system!”), and the new faces who waited hours to vote (because they’re illegal and living off taxpayer dollars, i.e., entitlement programs).”

Really? I read the article online and the best comment that followed said, “Who scrolled to the comments first?”

Too funny.

I did, of course.

Out of the many comments, there were but a handful who thought the magazine had made a good selection.

It’s still amazing to me that the man got re-elected. I guess the voters who thought Romney would cut entitlements had to hop to it and vote for the man whose only real job before politics was that of “community organizer.”

Yes. That gives me such surge of confidence.

Hard to believe that he was selected over the likes of Malada Yousafazi, the 15-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban for promoting education for girls and women.

Sister stood her ground.

Also on the list was Fabiola Gianotti, an Italian particle physicist. Well, hmm. OK. She probably could be a rocket scientist...

Apple CEO Tim Cook was also named. I know, right? “Who?”  Oh yeah ... that guy who took over when Steve Jobs died. Whatever.

And finishing off the list of the final five: Mohamed Morsi — Islamist leader of Egypt. Well. There you go. Don’t want to offend anyone who follows Islam.

There are scores of others around the world far more deserving of the title “Person of the Year” than the President.

What did he do in 2012 that was worthwhile? Oh, he won another election. Nothing was mentioned at all about “job creation” or drawing down our trillions in debt. He is still a fairly insignificant President by all accounts, no matter how hard the media tries to push his God-like image.

Next year I hope that two other names will be added to the finalists: Dawn Hochsprung, the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut, who tried to stop the shooter — giving her life for her students, and Victoria Soto, who shielded students as the gunman aimed and took her life.

Somehow, I just can’t see the President using himself as a human shield. Michelle probably, but not the man himself.

Wonder if His Magnificence will be credited with stopping climate change and the ebola virus?

Oh wait, that’s right ... it’s cancer that he’ll discover a cure for.

Take a deep breath, people. The next four years are gonna hit you like a quarterback barreling over the sidelines.

And no matter how hard it hurts, you won’t be on Time’s list for “Person of the Year.”

If you’re lucky.