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Veterans Day was a feel good day
Lee Ruth mug
Ruth Lee

All of us need a feel good day, at least occasionally. Last Wednesday, was such a day and if you missed it, I’m sorry for you.

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day, sun shining brightly, cool enough to enjoy the out of doors. And the Veterans Park shone in all of its glory, a glory dedicated to those of our midst who have defended our freedom since the birth of this nation.

And, the people came. They were veterans and friends and relatives of veterans. The out pouring of our citizens to the programs at the park, always make me glad that we are community that respects their veterans and love the park that this community built to honor them. Effingham has a proud history and we should always remember and honor this.

The proud display of our ECHS JROTC, as they go through the honor of presenting the colors, the people standing and repeating the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the national anthem are the things that display that we are proud patriotic community … surely, there should have been many more to take this hour or two on Veterans Day to show our respect. But, as I said, if you missed it, it’s your loss, not mine.

We also gave special honor to our longtime master of ceremonies for these programs, Lamar Crosby. He has been faithful to these programs since the beginning and was a vital force in the bringing this community together of to build this park. He is moving to Atlanta to be near his grandchildren. We will miss Lamar and Shannon in our community.

But, yes, it was a “feel good day.” The day was beautiful, we have a beautiful park to gather and honor our veterans. Hopefully, everyone went away feeling as good about the day in our park as I did.