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What passed the Gold Dome
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Insurance and Labor

HB 47 – Opens up health insurance plans to be offered from other states with some stipulations. The Insurance Commissioner will monitor and approve. Each policy must contain a side-by-side comparison of each benefit between the out-of-state policy and the one currently sold in Georgia.

HB 248 – Creates health care sharing ministries which are faith-based, non-profit organizations tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. Also provides for a process for prepaid air ambulance services which does not constitute insurance.

HB 461 – Enters Georgia into the Health Care Compact that seeks to make insurance coverage the purview of the state.

SB 166 – Establishes new provisions on regulation of continuing care facilities. Establishes the concept of “Limited Continuing Care” defined as lodging not in a skilled nursing facility, intermediate care facility or a personal care home.

SB 251 – Changes the license renewal frequency and continuing education requirements from annual to biannual for agents and others.


HB 24 – Adopts the federal “Rules of Evidence” for state courts.

HB 41 – Eliminates the fee charged by the court clerk to the Attorney General for a copy of the record in case of an appeal by defendants convicted of capital felonies. Reduces the fee charged by superior court clerks for preparation of an appellate record and transcript from $10 per page to $1 per page. Also reduces from $5 to $1, the fee for copies of the record where a defendant was convicted of a capital felony. Also clarifies a misinterpretation by abolishing the judicial operations fee for notary public certificates.

HB 162 – Prohibits registered sex offenders from photographing minors without consent of parent or guardian.

HB 238 – Changes governance structure of Public Defender Standards Council. Creates new four-year terms July 1, 2011. Requires members have background in criminal justice system. Authorizes the director to remove circuit public defenders for cause with appeal to the Council.

HB 265 – 2011 Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform will study the judicial system with an eye on reform. Also creates the Joint Committee on Georgia Criminal Justice Reform with 18 legislative members.

HB 415 – Reforms the lists from which juries are picked. Superior Court Clerks will be required to establish a statewide master jury list using voter and driver’s license lists and will be required to maintain a computer-based jury management system.

HB 503 – Removes the existing law requiring the investigating law enforcement agency from having to pay for medical examinations in a rape case. The exam and evidence gathering will now be paid for by the Georgia Crime Victims Emergency Fund.

SB 30 – Requires municipal court judges to be lawyers but grandfathers in all existing non-lawyer judges.

SB 39 – Will allow criminal courts to establish mental health courts for use as an alternative to prison.

SB 64 – Establishes a one-step process for reinstatement of a corporate entity.

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