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Who really is his daddy?
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I know that I laugh a good bit about conspiracy theorists, because some of them just seem to pull fluff out of thin air and come up with a great story to tell the grandkids.

I have a dear friend who is considerably older than me, who, along with her niece, have come up with a great grand story that bears sharing.

If it weren’t so dang funny, it would be ... uh...well, kinda creepy, actually. And who knows, maybe there is more truth to it than folks are willing to answer for.

So it all started when the niece, Kay, was doing some research online about our Benevolent Brother Obama, and decided that she had to agree with the “birthers” that the Prez just couldn’t be who he really says he is.

She reckons that he probably isn’t really the son of Barack Obama Sr., but that he is more likely the son of Frank Marshall Davis or Malcolm Little (aka Malcolm X).

I hadn’t heard anything along those lines before, so I didn’t give it much thought. Kay’s been trying to follow timelines via whatever information she can glean off the Internet as to where Stanley Ann Dunham really was when she gave birth to Barry. She surmises that, yes, he probably was born in Hawaii, but that it probably wasn’t Barack Senior that actually fathered him.

Upon hearing this hypothetical story from Kay’s aunt, I sorta shrugged it off. Not that I don’t care but, you know, he’s been the President for almost four years now so what difference will it make at this point? Unless he’s re-elected, of course.

Then I looked up Mr. Davis, and then I looked up Mr. X.

The photo that I was presented on the internet of Mr. X was just flabbergasting. The resemblance between Mr. O and Mr. X is almost uncanny.

Having said that, Mr. O also looks very much like his grandfather, Stanley Dunham. However, seeing Mr. O’s smile and comparing it with Mr. X’s smile, it was almost like you could slide the photos — one on top of the other — and you’d have the same person.

Kinda creepy.

Don’t get me wrong, they are great photos of each of them, but the similarity in appearance is quite striking.

I don’t find the similarities between Mr. Davis and Mr. O quite as unique as I do as those of Mr. X and Mr. O.

You can find all kinds of stuff on the Internet, fact and fiction.

One Web site I found interesting is, which tells the story of how Obama is following in the footsteps of his “real” father, Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist propagandist in Chicago and Hawaii, was a colleague of Vernon Jarrett (father-in-law of Valerie Jarrett), and helped organize the ILWU in an effort to take over the Hawaiian government in 1949. He was not successful.

Hmmm ... community organizer. Socialistic ideals. Hey, I’m just sayin’... it’s all pretty “fishy” if you ask me.

I don’t think Obama looks particularly like Mr. Davis, but he absolutely looks nothing like Barack Obama Sr.

If he is the son of Mr. Davis, why wouldn’t it say that on his birth certificate? Because Mr. Davis was under surveillance for 19 years. Let’s just say the U.S. government was not terribly fond of his activities.

It was much easier to hide Barack Obama Jr. behind someone like Barack Obama Sr.  He was not as prominent a moving target as Mr. Davis was. Further information states the Mr. X was upset and outraged when he discovered that his mentor, Elijah Muhammad, who was the head of the Nation of Islam, had numerous affairs with female members of the organization and had sired several children. Mr. X was opposed to this kind of behavior as he was  keeping himself “virtuous” prior to wedding Betty Shabazz.

Lots of folks believe that Obama is a socialist. He has admitted to being a Marxist back in his college days, and still others think he’s a Muslim.

Seems like the more stories I find, however, the less inclined I am to believe that he spent any time with Barack Obama Sr., who for some reason was used as a cover, and what that reason is remains a mystery.

My guess is because you don’t go telling the whole world that your real daddy was a communist who believed that capitalism was wrong and socialism was the way things should be. That kind of talk doesn’t sit well with the majority of Americans and certainly won’t get you elected President.

Well, since all three of the men in contention are now deceased, I guess there’s nothing left to do but speculate.