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Your chance to make your voice heard
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Today’s elections may not carry the allure of the vote conducted a year ago, but they are just as important — maybe even more so.

There are city council and mayoral contests in the county’s two biggest cities on the ballot today. Rincon residents have taken a greater notice in their city’s business in recent weeks and months. If Rincon voters like the direction in which the city is going, now is their time to re-affirm their point of view. If they want to see changes, this is their best opportunity to try to effect a new course in city government.

In Springfield, voters will choose a replacement for the affable and capable Barton Alderman as mayor. There also are three city council seats up for election.

Many Effingham County residents also vote for a new state representative as they will choose between former lawmaker Ann Purcell and political newcomer Jesse Tyler. The district covers west Chatham and south Effingham and whoever wins will give Effingham two members of the state House of Representatives. That kind of clout could be important as the county tries to push its need for the Effingham Parkway.

Since the ballots are not extensive this time around, it shouldn’t take long for citizens wishing to cast a vote to do so. We trust the citizens of the community, who have turned out in strength before on election day, will do so again.