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Eagles put seniors through their paces
Nearly 300 high schoolers attend single-day football camp
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Georgia Southern football held its annual day camp for high school seniors on Saturday at the team’s practice facility. An estimated 290 athletes came out for the camp, which ran from 1-3:30 p.m.

The players were broken down by positions and each group ran drills that tested their football knowledge. Each group was led by a GSU coach or player.

Quarterbacks were spread out, a few in each group, in order to conduct passing drills. While some groups featured one-on-one battles between wide receivers and defensive backs, others had tight ends running pass patterns against linebackers.

While the camp may have resembled a scouting combine, Eagles’ offensive coordinator and running backs coach, Rance Gillespie, explained that the purpose of the camp does not rest entirely with the scouting process.

“As far as the kids at the camp, we (GSU coaching staff) have already seen game film on them so the camp is more to get them to come here. We think we have a lot to offer so it is more about getting the kids in here and not so much about getting eyes on the playing style,” he said.

While Gillespie could not comment about any of the players on campus, he did assure that the camp is only a fraction of the entire scouting/recruiting process.

“It’s a year long process. We only have a certain amount of scholarships and we can’t offer them based solely on this camp,” he said. “If we do that then we would end up over-offering and we simply do not do that here.”

The Eagles are coming off a 6-5 season, with four games decided in overtime.

The 2009 season kicks off against the University at Albany (N.Y.) on Sept. 5.