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Murder suspect kills himself
Crime scene
SPRINGFIELD -- Just after 3 p.m. Friday, Sgt. Richard Scholes of the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office observed a vehicle that was being sought in connection with a domestic and suspected homicide.
After receiving the lookout, several deputies gathered in the area of Westwood subdivision with information that the suspect might be located there. The suspect’s vehicle, a gray Jeep, was observed pulling out of a nearby shopping center.
The suspect pulled past the sergeant and made a U-turn on Ga. Hwy 21. Scholes started following him and waited for more deputies before initiating a traffic stop. 

Before that happened, the suspect turned into a gas station and put his car in park. Several deputies surrounded the vehicle and within seconds the suspect took his own life.
The suspect, 47-year-old Daniel De’Sha, was being sought in connection with the suspected murder of his girlfriend, 49-year-old Maria Book.
The Port Wentworth Police Department was alerted around noon Friday by a family member of Book’s. She was believed to be in danger and the family sought a welfare check.
After an initial investigation, a BOLO was issued by Port Wentworth police for an armed and dangerous suspect. The BOLO was issued at 2:44 p.m. and by 3:19 p.m. De'Sha  was spotted.
The quick work by the Port Wentworth Police Department by getting the BOLO issued and the observation skills by the Effingham County deputies facilitated a quick resolution to this dangerous situation.