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ECRP puts on a first-class tournament
07.03 jimmy currier
Jimmy Currier

At the recent Georgia Recreation and Parks Association Senior boys baseball tournament and the Mite girls softball tournament, hundreds of fans cheered on their teams and congratulated the winners.

One of the cheers the state champion Jackson County Stars bellowed out at the award ceremony, where the Effingham Angels received second place was “Give that girl a hand.” I’d like to borrow that phrase and tweak it a little to “give that group a hand.” The group I’m referring to is the Effingham County Recreation and Parks and Effingham County High School for putting together a first-class tournament.

ECRP Director Clarence Morgan should be proud of how his staff worked hard to make sure every necessity was met, including plenty of bottled water and Powerade as well as snacks and food for us thirsty and hungry folks in the press box.

David Wooten, Jeff Lonon, Ryan Sanders, Shelane Westbrook, April Lawson, Mary Branson, Brenda Bruner, Ashley Kessler all worked as a team to make the tournament a smooth one. From scoring the games, checking on pitch counts, preparing the fields, printing out programs, organizing the games, hiring umpires, running a concession stand, you name it and it was done. Oh yeah! and who can forget Jacan Brown keeping everyone entertained and on their toes in the box.

Of course, I cannot go without mentioning ECHS baseball  coaches Brett Griffin, Clint Hodges and Mike Hunley and ECHS softball coach Tesh Pace, who worked magic to get the fields in prime playing condition, particularly after the fields were doused by inches of rain.

“Every one from other counties and areas seemed to be pleased with the way the tournament went,” ECRP Assistant Director David Wooten said. “Everyone seemed to be happy with the way it went and we received several compliments on the field and people who were in charge.”

— Jimmy Currier is the sports editor at the Effingham Herald. Contact him at