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Mustangs ready to attack with Wing-T
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When Greg Manior took over the South Effingham football program last season, he installed a new offense for the team but one that is a classic in high school football — the Wing-T.

Now, with the team having adjusted to the formation, Manior expects his team to run it better than last season.

“It helps to have guys who know what you are talking about when you say something,” Manior said. “But they still have to produce. If I have someone else busting their rear in practice, then they could possibly start.”

Manior said that even though his team lines up in the Wing-T, his team plays straight-up football.

“The fullback goes straight up gut, the “B” gap and the “C “gap and we exploit it,” he said. “The whole concept is power and deception. If you have a good quarterback, you don’t know where the ball is going to be. Jeff (Hamilton) has gotten really good at hiding the ball and putting the ball where it needs to be.”

Defenses, beware. If a team has a weakness, Manior will find it.

“We try to find a weakness on the defense and exploit it,” he said. “If there is a weakness, we will exploit it.”

Coordinating the offense is Kerry Demere, who also coaches the quarterbacks.

Demere previously was the offensive coordinator at Beach High School.

“We run the Wing-T because it meets the needs of our kids,” he said. “It's a very flexible tool and we can do a lot of different things out of it.”

The success of the Wing-T is predicated on the offensive line, because a large majority of the plays are done by trapping or pulling one or more of the linemen.

Demere said the Mustangs will mostly use three running backs and will go to the air more than past seasons.

Demere said the young offensive line, anchored by sophomore all-Region player Tyler Jenkins, is improving.

“It’s getting there,” Demere said. “We've got some young guys in new spots. Hopefully, they will catch up.”

Manior is counting heavily upon his all-Region 3-AAA players fullback Gage Marks, quarterback Jeff Hamilton and Jenkins.

Marks is excited about the season.

“I make a lot of blocks and run the ball,” he said. “I’m pretty pumped up about it. We should have a pretty good season.”