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Wells devises 'Ultimate Facemask' for football helmets
Ultimate Facemask
Jamie Wells’ invention to protect players from COVID-19 attaches to helmet facemasks. - photo by Photo submitted

 RINCON — Jamie Wells’ idea was right in front of someone else’s face.

A noted local youth coach and avid Effingham County Rebels supporter, Wells has developed a mask that attaches to football helmets in order to protect players from COVID-19.

“The idea came to me in April (shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic started),” Wells said. “It took about two months to come up with the final product.”

Wells calls his invention “Ultimate Facemask.” It is made by Stitch and Print in Twin City.

“(The company) does a lot of stuff,” Wells said. “It actually makes masks for people — and uniforms. It has a three-story building downtown with about two hundred sewing machines and one hundred employees.”

Wells’ masks are made from the same material as Stitch and Print’s regular face coverings.

“It’s breathable, washable and we can personalize it to whatever color, logo, or trademark customers want on the front of it,” Wells said.

 Ultimate Facemask was tested by a few Effingham County and Benedictine players during practice. It hasn’t been approved by the Georgia High School Association for use in games, however.

“Because it goes over the face mask,” Wells explained.

The Georgia Independent School Association has approved the product. It is also OK for youth players to wear.

“I’ve got a patent pending on it,” Wells said. “We will see if it takes off. I am trying to get it in some of the recreational leagues because I know a lot of the parents are concerned about football and not having any protection.”

For more information or to purchase an Ultimate Facemask, call or text Wells at (912) 308-6619.