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4-Hers get into the swim of things at Camp Rock Eagle
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Effingham 4-H’ers gather after their week at Camp Rock Eagle near Eatonton. - photo by Photo submitted

Last month, Effingham County 4-H carried teen leaders Ben Snooks, Ken Mosely, Tiffany Cannaday and Courtney Aliffi, adult volunteers Lawanda Adkins, Jo Crosby, Vicki Arnette, Sharon Alexander, Ella Smith, Karen Aliffi, Katheryn Mack and Doug Saxon, county agents Bill Tyson and Jan Hall, along with 4-H program assistant Connie Heidt, and more than 130 fifth and sixth grade 4-H’ers to Rock Eagle in Eatonton.

Campers enjoyed a huge variety of activities. Many sixth graders took advantage of the adventure program, which included a premier ropes course and team building activities such as building and sailing a small raft to an island and back with your teammates.   

Fifth grade campers and first timers selected classes from a wide array like canoeing, sailing, archery, herpetology (that’s fancy for snakes), tennis, forestry, conservation and more. Some of the youth even learned how to swim for the first time at 4-H camp.     

This year all campers took a new class on healthier living called HOP (Health is Our Pledge) where they learned how to make better choices in nutrition and the importance of staying active in a fun way.