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4-Hers take aim in regional, state archery competitions
steel bridge competition
To prepare for state, Effingham 4-Hers faced Bulloch County in the second annual Steel Bridge archery competition. - photo by Photo provided

The Effingham County Extension office hit the bull’s-eye with its newest program for 4-H’ers.

Participation in archery has more than doubled since the program began about a year ago, with more than 50 kids enrolled. 4-H’ers recently competed in the second annual Steel Bridge competition in Effingham against neighboring Bulloch County. The competition helped both counties’ teams prepare for the state indoor archery competition, held at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton.

Effingham County 4-H sent 52 archers to the state indoor competition: Alex Andrews, Jimmy Bell, Danny Bholat, John Brooks, Kent Brown, Hunter Carles, Byron Carter, Ethan Cerkoney, Anthony Clark, Morgan Coffee, Tyler Cole, Conner Dickey, Noah Edwards, Caleigh Eubanks, Ariella Gallegos, Cole Godbee, Reese Griffin, Maggie Helmly, Jack Hendrix, Tate Hendrix, Benjamin Henry, Skylaa Hinson, Emily Jarriel, Stone Kessler, Bryan Kieffer, Joshua Kleckauskas, Shayne LaBonte, Garrett Leach, Colby Malphus, Chance Mills, Trace Moore, Macy Morgan, Mallory Morgan, Trenten Morgan, Jordan Muthersbaugh, Dylan Neidlinger, Rebecca Neidlinger, Blaze Nofi, Carson Roberts, Jacob Schimmel, Jason Schimmel, Jay Seber, Haleigh Sewell, Tessa Shuman, Zoee Shuman, Jackson Swindell, Matthew Towery, Lauren Usher, Ellie Watson, Joshua Weeks, Chase Weitman and Riley Young.

The 4-H archery team is led by nine coaches who volunteer their time. The Effingham coaches, who all underwent training to receive certification, are Roy Callaway, Henry Kessler, Len “Phillip” Morgan, Carl Muthersbaugh, Blaze Nofi, Brian Schimmel, Sidney Warner, Trey Young and Seth Zeigler.

The student archers are permitted to use compound and reserve bows in both indoor and outdoor competitions. Indoor season runs from November-February consisting of individual competition only, while the outdoor season runs from March-May and is open to both individual and team competitions.

As part of the program, Effingham Extension promotes sportsmanship, safety and skills development through a hands-on approach. In line with 4-H’s “learn by doing” slogan, students are taught the archery sport, but also gain insight on how to be responsible, disciplined and confident.

The 4-H’ers are encouraged to continue participating in archery long after the competitions are over and make it a life-long recreational activity. The hope is that families will be strengthened through enjoying archery together.

For more information about the 4-H program and its shooting sports, contact the Effingham County Extension office at 754-8040.