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A slice of pi at ECHS
Effingham County students show off a pi chain, displaying the digits of the mathematical constant, which is the ratio of a circles circumference to its diamater. Pi Day is celebrated on March 14, since the number is rounded off to 3.14. - photo by Photo provided

The math department of Effingham County High School celebrated Pi Day on March 14. Students learned about the history of pi, listened to and learned the "Pi Song" and participated in several activities celebrating Pi Day.

Each math class took part in creating a "pi chain" that represented just a few of the over 1 million known digits of pi; the chains decorated the 200 hall and the 900 hall at ECHS. Each class took part in a competition to determine which student could memorize the most digits of pi. Class winners were determined before March 14, and a school-wide competition between the winners of each class took place on Pi Day.

The top three winners were Madison Morgan of Jessie Gardner’s class with 105 digits, Chris Crocker of Jessica Jarman’s class with 130 digits, and Trevor Baeten of Dawn Baker’s class with a whopping 227 digits.

Back in the classroom students also enjoyed moon pies and oatmeal cream pies; some students even enjoyed homemade pies.