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Alford keeps ailing chairman in mind at board meeting
Allen. Lamar 2008
Effingham County Board of Education chairman Lamar Allen

As he chaired the Effingham County Board of Education’s meeting Thursday night, vice-chairman and District 2 member Troy Alford’s thoughts were with the man who usually presides over the meeting.

Chairman Lamar Allen is continuing to recuperate after a car accident last month that put him in Memorial Health University Center’s intensive care unit.

“I have served on this board since 2004 with Lamar Allen,” Alford said. “In eight years, I’ve had to sit in this chair three times. That’s just how much I’m missing him tonight.”

Alford said Allen is improving.

“The chairman is a fighter,” he said.

Lamar Allen’s son Troy Allen posted that his father was moved back to the intensive care unit but has taken off a ventilator again and is reacting well to antibiotics. Lamar Allen also has been sitting in a chair in an effort to build up his strength.

“He is awake and can communicate well but is limited on how much he can talk right now,” Troy Allen said.

Troy Allen also asked for continued prayers for his father’s progress.

“Twenty-five days ago, I was scared to death,” Alford said. “He took a heavy blow. This county took a big blow.”

Alford said Allen’s grandchildren ask about him every day and said his spiritual and overall leadership are missed.

“We’ll do everything we can to get him back here,” Alford said. “And as he’d probably tell me, ‘shut up and carry on with the meeting.’”