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Buses ready for the school year
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ATLANTA — As school systems across Georgia begin the new school year, the Georgia Department of Public Safety says the state’s public school buses are ready for their daily tasks as well. The Department’s Motor Carrier Compliance Division has completed its annual inspection of buses as required under Georgia law.

Chief Mark McLeod, commander of the Motor Carrier Compliance Division, said officers have inspected almost 18,000 school buses across the state during the past 12 months.  

Georgia law requires each school bus that is owned or operated by a state, county or municipal government or under contract by any independent school system to be inspected annually to ensure the vehicle is in a safe operating condition.  Officers with the Motor Carrier Compliance Division inspect school buses across the state throughout the year.

“Most of the problems noted during the inspections were minor in nature and were corrected as necessary,” McLeod said. 

Col. Bill Hitchens, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety, said the annual school bus inspections have historically been instrumental in locating potential problems before mechanical breakdowns occur.  

“School transportation directors across the state do an excellent job each year to keep school buses in the best running condition possible,” he said. “Their efforts make for the safe transportation of school children in Georgia each day.”   

During the inspection, a school bus will be thoroughly checked from top to bottom as well as a visual inspection of the passenger compartment. Among the equipment officers will check during an inspection are the tires, brakes, exhaust system, fluids, belts, hoses, headlights, marker lights, stop lights, and mirrors. Any defects found must be corrected before the school bus is put in service to transport children and a school bus certificate of safety inspection is issued.