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County media festival winners advance to state
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On March 9, 150 students from Effingham County schools met at Springfield Elementary for the annual countywide Student Media Festival. The following students won in their respective categories and will advance to the state competition in Atlanta on May 1:

Live action
BES — Kate Freeman; Ben SEES — Brennan and Tyler Lloid; SES — Noah Fornier; Kyle Ricks, SEHS — Kyle Ricks, Caleb Hazzard and Emily Fitzgerald, Erin Fitzgerald and Todd Perkins.

Sequential stills with audio
EES — Lane Colson, Nicole Naber, Renee Garman, Chloe Johnson, Catherine McLean and Abby Henry; MES — Alyssa Livingston; RES — Ethan Fournier, Graham Corless, Jessica Dickey, Autumn Gray, Megan Benninghoff; SEES — Mary Ellen Taylor, Jake Shikany, Chase Bradley, Andrew Townley and Austin Davis, Wesley Smith, Makay Walsh and Shae Gillespie, Megan Small and Sabrina Pina; SES — Ian Blewett, Jeremy Kicklighter, Anna Snooks, Cole Fulcher, Mackenzie White; EMS — Emilee Mikulsky; ECMS —Cassidy Blewett, Cheyenne Hunt, Tierney Hagan; SEMS — Gabbi Brown, Brent Jenkins; SEHS — Jade Jackson

SEES — Julian Thrift, Paul Elliott and Thomas Patterson, Mallory Jenkins, Olivia Bowser and Caroline Oates; EMS — Josh Gaspard and Hunter Clements; SEMS — Jonathan Hess

Interactive sequential stills
RES — Dallas McCorkendale and Trent Woodard, Arianna Fournier

Interactive stills 
SEES — Brittany James and Melanie Bott, Austin Thompson, Coy Kirkland and Garrett Harvey, Chloe Phillips and Elizabeth Kicklighter

Sequential stills without audio 
MES — Alyssa Livingston

Student-created media, through its involvement in the world of computers, video, sound, and photography, is a proven avenue to increasing student participation in the classroom learning environment.

State and national educational standards are met and surpassed in the exciting atmosphere of creativity cultivated through the use of student media projects.

Future academic and employment opportunities increase in relationship to the rise in technological proficiency.