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Covenant Christian on the move
School adding grades, moving to Life Baptist Church
05.13 CCA
Covenant Christian Academy will be moving to a new home at Life Baptist Church for next school year. - photo by By Sandi Van Orden

Students at Covenant Christian Academy will be attending school at a different location in the fall.

The school currently located on Laurel Street in Springfield will move to Life Baptist Church on Highway 21 in Springfield.

Covenant Christian opened two years ago and has outgrown the building it is in.

Headmaster Martin Wilkins said the current location has been good, but the school is running out of room.

The first year the school taught kindergarten to sixth grade. This year the school expanded to include two buildings on Laurel Street when the school added seventh grade.

Wilkins said next year the school will offer pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

“We will remain a multi-denominational school,” he said. “As Christians, we agree on most things.”

He said the current location is a comfortable facility that aids in the fostering of a family environment. The new facility also helps to maintain that feeling.

Wilkins said the new location also provides a more centralized location for students who attend from throughout the county.

The school offers a classical education in which students begin learning foundations in grammar school.

“Students learn the grammar of all subjects,” Wilkins said.

Students are given facts to memorize and use songs and chants to help them remember what they are learning.

He said the students may not always understand what they are leaning, but they will when they reach higher-level classes.

Wilkins said in the middle grades students become naturally argumentative and the school uses this to its advantage.

“We teach them how to argue logically,” he said.

By the high school years students should be able to take what they learned in grammar and middle schools and apply logic to explain it verbally or in writing.

The Christian portion of the education means that students are given their entire education from a biblical worldview.

For example, Wilkins said history is taught chronologically from creation to present time.

Students also begin learning Latin in the second grade, which helps with reading comprehension.

Wilkins said all the subjects taught allow for Christian lessons and impact on each other. Such as in a math class, a student was combining what he learned in Latin to determine the meaning of a term.

He said the goal of the school is to “teach kids to think and develop a love for learning.”

Although the school will be moving locations, the classes will remain small with eight to 10 children per class to allow for individualized attention, but the new facility will provide for more classes.

Wilkins said with the move to the larger facility the school is accepting applications for teachers and students.