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Getting dirty: Young and old work together
Pre-k, high schoolers beautify playground, discover the wonder of plants
IMG 1299
Pre-k students Jacob Criswell, Alanna Videon (behind weed) and Jacob Peacock, with high school students Cameron Bishop, Travis Balmer and PJ Frawley, show off what they’ve dug up. - photo by Photo provided

Mrs. B’s Pre-K partnered with the “big kids” of Ms. Benson’s agriscience class for a fun-filled activity.

First, the high school students gave a presentation on plant parts and functions. The students learned that roots suck up water from the soil like straws, flowers are bright and pretty to attract bird and bees, and the stem holds the plant up strong and is like a highway that carries water and nutrients up and down the plant.

Both classes burst into laughter when, after learning that just as they get they energy from pizza and burgers, plants get their energy from the sun.
Yezzi Onorato declared, “you have got to be kidding me!”

But the fun was not over yet, both classes then moved outside for a hands-on activity. In small groups, the students worked to clean out all of the weeds from the school playground.

As they worked, the high school students reviewed the parts of the plant with the students. Who knew pulling weeds could be so fun.

The high school students enjoyed being outside and teaching what they know to the young students. And the little ones were so thrilled to get their hands a little dirty and learn about plants. In just 30 minutes, students managed to fill four huge bags with pesky weeds.

Now, the playground looks great and the students can take pride. They are looking forward to a continued partnership with the agriculture department at SEHS and the Pre-K class as they continue to discover the wonders of plants, animals, wildlife and the world around them.