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GSU announces spring semester presidents list
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STATESBORO—Georgia Southern University recently recognized 1,150 students for excellence in academics on the 2013 spring semester president’s list.

To be eligible, a student must have at least a 4.0 grade-point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

Several local students achieved this accomplishment:

Garrett Arnsdorff, senior, Guyton, logistics/intermodal transportation major

Erica Bolton, senior, Guyton, mathematics major

Olivia Bolton, junior, Guyton, international studies major

Billy Brewer III, sophomore, Rincon, physics major

Allison Bright, senior, Springfield, graphic design major

Kyle Burnsed, senior, Rincon, computer science major

Katherine Daniel, junior, Rincon, middle grades education major

Weston Fort, senior, Guyton, accounting major

Robert Greenspan, sophomore, Guyton, pre-med health and physical education major

Charlene Grosse, senior, Rincon, pre-business major

Hayley Hall, junior, Springfield, child/family development major

Clinton Hinely, senior, Newington, journalism major

Glenn Jackson Jr., junior, Rincon, mathematics major

Tamra Lamb, senior, Guyton, early childhood education major

Amber Landry, junior, Rincon, special education major

Michaela Lariscy, junior, Guyton, early childhood education major

Katheryn Lashlee, senior, Guyton, information systems major

Kemmer Mingis, senior, Guyton, early childhood education major

Eileen Kenny Morgan, junior, Guyton, early childhood education major

Joshua Moss, senior, Springfield, information technology major

Bryn Neal, freshman, Guyton, middle grades education major

Julie Odom-Dixon, junior, Guyton, psychology major

Matthew Olliff, senior, Rincon, chemistry major

Rebekah Padgett, senior, Guyton, nutrition/food science major

Misty Patterson, junior, Rincon, nursing major

William Patterson, senior, Guyton, construction management major

David Renfro, senior, Rincon, logistics/intermodal transportation major

Taylor Roberson, senior, Rincon, early childhood education major

Joshua Roper, senior, Rincon, physics major

Clara Rucker, senior, Bloomingdale, geology major

Kimberly Sands  senior, Guyton, early childhood education major

Margaret Sheppard, senior, Newington, pre-business major

Adam Smith, senior, Eden, mechanical engineering major

Joseph Thompson, sophomore, Rincon, electrical engineering major

Amy Usry, junior, Guyton, child/family development major

Sydnie Van Curen, sophomore, Rincon, biology major

Justin Vinton , senior, Guyton, accounting major

Amber Wilson, junior, Guyton, biology major

Jacob Youmans, sophomore, Guyton, pre-nursing/nursing major