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GSU to offer more than 300 summer classes online
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STATESBORO — Georgia Southern University is expanding its online education and giving Georgia and out-of-state college students more flexibility and options to help them earn their college degrees on time. This summer, GSU will offer more than 300 fully online classes to undergraduate and graduate students, a record number of courses for the growing university.

GSU has scheduled 381 online classes for the summer semester. Registration is underway for the 162 graduate and 219 undergraduate courses available this May, June and July. The classes span the curriculum from business, education and general studies to nursing, social sciences and information technology.

Georgia Southern offers courses during three separate accelerated summer terms:
Term A: May 20-June 19
Term B: June 24-July 25
Long Term: May 20-July 17

“We want to give Georgia Southern students, high school students and even students from other colleges and universities a variety of options to take one or more classes that they need this summer fully online,” said GSU President Brooks Keel. “Whether students are planning to go home for the summer or working a full-time job, they can get ahead or take a class that they may not have been able to get during the regular school year. Even better, two of our summer terms are only a month long.”

Although most students will take a break from classes this summer and go home to find jobs, they can still work toward graduating on time or possibly even quicker. Fully online courses allow students to complete courses from the comfort of their homes.

In addition to the nearly 400 online classes, GSU is offering a total of 1,600 summer classes that can be seen by visiting