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High fashion hits SEHS
0413 fashion venus flytrap
SEHS Principal Dr. Mark Winters awards Lauren McNeill with this year’s Top Designer award at the SEHS 4th Annual Fashion Show. She also won the Audience Choice Award for designer. - photo by Photo by Calli Arnold

Forget Paris and New York, fashion has hit Effingham.

Saturday, eight student designers and their models did their little turns on the catwalk at South Effingham High’s 4th annual Fashion Show, themed “Dusk to Dawn.” Either alone or in teams, these designers worked outside of school since September to create clothing in three categories: “Plant Life,” “Different….But the Same” and “Go Green!”

For “Plant Life,” the students used the botanical world to inspire their designs. In “Different…But the Same,” they updated a classic style, and for the “Go Green!” category, they could use anything but fabric for their pieces. And did they ever. Comic books, window screen, candy wrappers and Capri Sun packages were just some of the materials taken out of the trash and onto the runway.

Fashion show director and SEHS art teacher Mary Anderegg also had her sculpting class make pieces for a “Wearable Art” category, which included necklaces made of weave, a carefully constructed spider head piece with a veil and a child’s vest with Hot Wheels all over it.

“I like that we get the opportunity to transfer our school cafeteria into something more fabulous, to a place that seems more sophisticated,” Anderegg said.

Before stepping on the runway, the models’ silhouettes posed in front of a screen, framed by silvery trees made from insulation foam, newspaper and metallic. With hair and makeup by Studio 21, accessories borrowed from HandPicked in Savannah and a little training from Halo Models & Talent, these regular high school students were transformed into models.

The designer of the evening was Lauren McNeill, who won Audience Choice and Top Designer at the show. Her “Plant Life” dress and collar — modeled by Megan Ponton — were based off of a Venus flytrap; her “Go Green!” was duct tape and newspaper with spent bullets as a belt, inspired by McNeill’s military boyfriend; and for “Different…But the Same” McNeill draped zippers around a simple black dress and floored the audience with an intricate hat complete with feathers and veil.

Winners in other categories were:
Audience Choice, Wearable Art: Stormy Dunyon and Carli Deloach

Modeling Award: Megan Ponton

Director’s Award: Dana Bedgood

“Plant Life” Award: Amanda Hein

“Different…But the Same” Award: Chelsea Warnick

“Go Green!” Award: Addie Kicklighter and Melanie Richtman

Proceeds from the event went to the SEHS Visual Arts Department.