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Local students make GSU deans list
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STATESBORO – Georgia Southern University recently named 2,444 students for excellence in academics to the 2013 spring semester dean’s list.

To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have at least a 3.5 grade-point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

The following local students made the 2013 spring semester dean’s list:

Maggie Aurelio, sophomore, Rincon
Grant Barnett, junior, Guyton
Paul Beecher, junior, Guyton
Mark Blankenship, junior, Rincon
Heather Colson, junior, Guyton
Braeden Cribbs, freshman, Guyton
Erin Crosby, sophomore, Guyton
Kelsey Crosby, sophomore, Guyton
Emily Daniels, sophomore, Guyton
Kara Davis, junior, Bloomingdale
Stephen Ellis, freshman, Rincon
Stephanie Granstrom, freshman, Rincon
Rindy Handy, senior, Guyton
Bethany Hayes, freshman, Rincon
Lana Holland, freshman, Guyton
Brittany Horton, senior, Guyton
Kasey Housend, junior, Guyton
Elizabeth Huggins, freshman, Rincon
Dylan Hutcheson, sophomore, Rincon
Lauren Jeffers, junior, Eden
Kimberleigh Jenkins, senior, Rincon
Mary Jenkins, senior, Springfield
Kristin Johnson, senior, Guyton
Melody Jones, junior, Springfield
Whitney Jones, junior, Guyton
Jessica Kelly, junior, Newington
Amanda Kerner, sophomore, Rincon
Morgan Kessler, junior, Guyton
Jessica Kicklighter, sophomore, Rincon
Ariel Klauss, sophomore, Guyton
Meredith Lamb, junior, Guyton
Angela Lane, senior, Bloomingdale
Lauren Lashlee, sophomore, Guyton
Daniel Lee, sophomore, Newington
Zachary Lee, junior, Newington
Alyson Lindner, freshman, Guyton
Bruno Locatelli, senior, Rincon
Shannon McLaughlin, junior, Rincon
Stephanie McLaughlin, senior, Rincon
Christopher Mills, senior, Rincon
Shayne Moore, sophomore, Rincon
Jillian Nance, sophomore, Rincon
Kandice Nelson, freshman, Guyton
Courtney Oglesby, sophomore, Guyton
Kelsey Olliff, junior, Rincon
Dimple Patel, freshman, Rincon
Kelly Patterson, freshman, Rincon
Normary Rivera-Colon, junior, Springfield
Anna Schaffner, freshman, Guyton
Emerald Simons, senior, Rincon
Cody Simpson, senior, Rincon
Jordan Stroud, sophomore, Guyton
Joshua Summitt, sophomore, Rincon
George Teachman, senior, Rincon
Julia Tillery, junior, Springfield
Amber Tinney, sophomore, Rincon
Alexander Tovar, sophomore, Rincon
Cara Usher, junior, Clyo
Arick Whiddon, junior, Springfield
Kayla Wilcox, senior, Rincon
Caitlin Wilkins, senior, Rincon
Emily Woods, junior, Clyo
Kelsey Woodward, sophomore, Springfield
Dustin Zahrt, senior, Guyton

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