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Outstanding students advance to honors program interviews
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Twenty-one students from Effingham County will be interviewing soon for acceptance to the 2009 Georgia’s Governor’s Honors Program. GHP is a six-week summer instructional program housed at Valdosta State University and funded by the state.

The following students were interviewed locally and nominated for the program based on performance in their selected subject area:

Effingham County High School: Jeremy Baggett (agriscience/environ. science), Jacob Curtis (mathematics), Mathew Barry (physics), Jodi Braselton (music/voice), Emily Holton (communicative arts), Ashlee Lockard (visual arts), Lisa Mason (music/woodwinds-oboe), Nathan McDonald (music/brass-tuba), Hillary Usher (music/voice), James Rotureau (music/percussion), Simone Rego (communicative arts), Emily Rodgers (agriscience/environ. science).

South Effingham High School: Amanda Hein (visual arts), Victoria Hilton (communicative arts), Audrey Hyde (communicative arts), Lauren McNeil (music/voice), Rebecca Mitchem (theatre), Melanie Richtman (social studies), John Rodriguez (communicative arts), Christina Shores (theatre), Brandon Vinke (technology).

Participation in the all-expense paid summer instructional program is designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students challenging and enriching educational opportunities not usually available during the regular school year.

Activities are designed to provide each participant with opportunities to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become independent, life-long learners.

GHP nominees from each high school were chosen based on teacher recommendations, standardized test scores, grades and interest in a particular academic, artistic or technical area. State finalists will be announced after completion of the upcoming interviews and auditions.

This year’s GHP finalists include five students from ECHS and one student from SEHS. The following GHP finalists represent ECHS: Megan Baker of Rincon (communicative arts), Jessica Friday of Clyo (communicative arts), Candice Hart of Rincon (mathematics), Alexa Orndorff of Guyton (agricultural sciences), and Brandon Pearce of Guyton (vocal music).

SEHS is represented by Brittany Brown of Guyton (theater).