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Savannah Technical College announces Fall 2023 Dean’s List
Carter Baldinell
STC Welding students Carter Baldineli and his brother, Caleb, are both on the dean’s list for Fall 2023. Carter started taking welding classes as a dual enrollment student at the Savannah-Chatham County E-Learning Academy and earned STC’s Master Welder I by the time he graduated high school in May 2023. He continued taking welding classes at Savannah Tech this summer and fall and recently completed three TCCs (Flux Cored Arc Welder, Gas Metal Arc Welder, and Gas Tungsten Arc Welder). He plans to take general education classes this spring to work on the Technical Studies degree at Savannah Tech. He was recently hired by Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America as an Industrial Maintenance Technician, starting in January 2024. Caleb retrofits heavy equipment and does maintenance mechanics for Keen Transport Inc., while he is a full-time STC student. (Submitted photo)

SAVANNAH – Savannah Technical College recognized 358 students for excellence in academics for the Fall 2023 Dean’s List. To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have at least a 3.5 GPA and have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours (or full-time) for that semester. These students represent 28.3% of the full-time students for Fall 2023.


·        Faheem Ahmadzai (Cybersecurity Diploma)

·        Chelsea Akahi (Business Management Diploma)

·        Mykal Allen (Cybersecurity Diploma)

·        Grayson Allen (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Ethan Anchors (Computer Support Specialist)

·        Emma Anderson (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Kasha Anderson (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Tyechia Andrews (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Kaiya Angelino (Hair Designer)

·        Iann Aponte (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Lavey Austin (Early College Essentials)

·        Brandon Avery (A.S. Information Technology)

·        Angelhene Bacon (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Tanner Bailey (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technician)

·        Jerome Bailey (Drafting Degree)

·        Carter Baldinelli (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Caleb Baldinelli (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Bella Banker (Early College Essentials)

·        Fiore Barile (Accounting Degree)

·        NyJeria Barnes (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Ismael Barrera (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Rashida Belk (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Antony Bell (Business Management Degree)

·        Sadie Bennett (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Matthew Bennett (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Kloey Bidwell (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Destiny Black (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Keyshauna Blackwell (Marketing Management Degree)

·        Devin Blake (Industrial Maintenance System Technology)

·        Brianna Blige (Marketing Management Degree)

·        Sohan Bolle (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Heather Bonham (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Anthony Bonheur (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Talia Bonilla (Film Prod On-Set Production)

·        Stephanie Bourgeois (Marketing Management Degree)

·        Callaway Bowers (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Tyler Braddy (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)

·        Anna Marie Bragg (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Symone' Branson (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Danyel Braxton (Phlebotomy Technician)

·        Shannon Brewton (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Malcolm Brinson (Industrial Maintenance System Technology)

·        Levi Broughman (Early College Essentials)

·        Karl Brown (Medical Coding/Insurance Data)

·        Caleb Brown (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Justyce Brown (Aircraft Structural Technology)

·        Keosha Brown (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Ian Bruker (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Kamrin Bryant (Business Management Degree)

·        Tieshia Bryant (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Ieshia Bryant (Cybersecurity Diploma)

·        Demetrius Bryant (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Lesline Buchanan (Medical Coding/Insurance Data)

·        Taylor Budd (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Miracle Bungy (Early College Essentials)

·        Wilfredo Calderon (Networking Specialist Degree)

·        MacKenzie Campen (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Bela Carroll (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Jaliya Carter (A.S. Criminal Justice)

·        Taylon Celestine (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Kathryn Chaffin (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Nia Champen (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Natalia Chery (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Madison Christiansen (Technical Studies)

·        Victoria Chung (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)

·        Carlee Claybrook (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Charles Coleman (Automotive Engine Repair Technician)

·        Maya Conley (Early College Essentials)

·        Taylor Cotton (Salon and Spa Support)

·        Imani Covington (Early College Essentials)

·        Steven Cowart (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)

·        Jetasia Cox (Early College Essentials)

·        Dreshawna Cuevas (Cybersecurity Fundamentals)

·        Derek Dalgo (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technician)

·        Matthew Davenport (Construction Management Degree)

·        Angel Davis (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Leshawna Davis (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Lisha Davis Mbigbo (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Maykon De Oliveira Siqueira (Air Conditioning Technician Degree)

·        Reynamie De Vega (Accounting Degree)

·        Mario Dean (Air Conditioning Technician Assistant)

·        Matthew DeFalcon (Construction Management Degree)

·        Darrell Deffenbaugh (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)

·        Johnathan Diaz (Aircraft Structural Technology)

·        Alexis Dillahunt (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Andrew Dimathas (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Arlie Dipolito (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Calvin Dogger (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Joshua Dorsey (Advance Airframe and Powerplant)

·        Allison Duncan (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Tania Duncan (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Moraya Eldridge (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Tyler Ellis (Air Conditioning Tech Diploma)

·        Carter Ellison (Electrical & Computer Engineer)

·        Preston Emerson (Basic POST Certification)

·        Jennifer Evans (Accounting Degree)

·        Arthur Evans (Aircraft Structural Technology)

·        Donell Evans (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Brenda Feliciano (A.S. Information Technology)

·        Carly Fellman (Phlebotomy Technician)

·        Tanaja Felton (Health Care Science)

·        Jessica Fields (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Deondra Fields (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Haley Fitts (Early College Essentials)

·        Debanhi Flores (A.S. Information Technology)

·        Hannah Floyd (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        William Fordham (Drafting Degree)

·        Samantha-Brooke Freeman (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Connor Frick (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)

·        Anthony Gamble (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Damien Gavins (Vertical Shielded Metal Arc)

·        Leslie George (Salon and Spa Support)

·        Parks Girardeau (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Ronald Girtman (Aircraft Structural Technology)

·        Jordan Glover (Early College Essentials)

·        Grace Glover (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)

·        Teylor Gomez (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Maunisa Gordon (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Raphael Greene (Logistics and Supply Chain)

·        William Greenwood (Technical Studies)

·        Mercedes Guzman (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Kianna Hamilton (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Dixon Harbuck (Historic Preservation/Restoration Diploma)

·        Steven Harden (Construction Management Degree)

·        Hayley Hardnett (Early College Essentials)

·        Kristyn Harrelson (Accounting Degree)

·        Patrick Hart (Construction Management Degree)

·        Lauryn Harvey (Aviation Maintenance Technology AAS)

·        Genevieve Hassan (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Edward Hayes (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)

·        Kevin Hayes (Air Conditioning Technology Assistant)

·        Richard Hayes (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Nevaeh Hayes (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Breyona Hepburn (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Diana Hernandez (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Jose Hernandez (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Damani Herrington (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)

·        Chasiti Hills (Health Care Assistant)

·        Brandi Hines (Early College Essentials)

·        Keaten Hodges (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Dylan Horne (Cyber Forensics Technology)

·        Rebecca Horrocks (Business Technology Diploma)

·        Golam Hosseini (Cybersecurity Diploma)

·        Daniel Howard (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Tyrone Hughes (Air Conditioning Tech Degree)

·        Tristen Ingram (Air Conditioning Tech Degree)

·        Caleesha Jackson (Basic POST Certification)

·        Yashika Jackson (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Aeriela Jemison (Salon and Spa Support)

·        Mason Jenkins (Early College Essentials)

·        Joshua Johnson (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Abigail Johnson (Early Childhood Care/ED Degree)

·        Summer Johnson (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Ashanti Jokkene (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Chloe Jones (Business Management Degree)

·        Jeannette Jones (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Jerry Jones (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)

·        Esther Joy (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Bernarda Juarez Campechano (Accounting Diploma)

·        Shawn Kagwa (Business Management Degree)

·        Hannah Keldie (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)

·        Jacob Kendrick (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)

·        Jonathon Kirkendall (Air Conditioning Tech Diploma)

·        Wendi Knight (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Marquis Knight (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)

·        Bazhena Kolesova (Business Management Degree)

·        Maddux Kress (Early College Essentials)

·        Tyson Lasota (Electrical Technology)

·        Ethan Lathrop (Electrical Technology)

·        Tyler Latour (A.S. Information Technology)

·        Aedan Le (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)

·        Mindy Lechuga Nevarez (EMS Professions)

·        Angel Lee (Business Technology Diploma)

·        Natalie Lewis (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Kathy Lewis (Culinary Arts Diploma)

·        Rebekah Lingenfelser (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Marcus Lo (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Luigi Lockhart (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Kaylei Long (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Adriyanna Long (Criminal Justice Fundamentals)

·        Haydee Lopez Soutelo (Entrepreneurship)

·        Erick Lopez-Martinez (Accounting Degree)

·        Jada Lovett (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Tyrek Lyles (Automotive Technology Diploma)

·        Christopher Madey (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Angelina Madison (Early College Essentials)

·        Nicole Magnani (Criminal Justice Tech Degree)

·        Roxanna Mandes Rivera (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        William Maney (Precision Manufacturing)

·        John Manzanares (Aircraft Structural Technology)

·        Jessica Martin (Accounting Degree)

·        Christopher Maultsby (Barbering)

·        Samantha Maxwell (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Andre McCall (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Wyatt McCart (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Scott McGinnity (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Dominique McGlynn (Paramedicine Degree)

·        Tina McKinnon (Health Care Assistant)

·        Andrew McMickens (Electrical Technology)

·        Luis Medina (Air Conditioning Tech Degree)

·        Victoria Meier (Business Management Degree)

·        Kynnedy Melendez (Early College Essentials)

·        Gelina Melograno (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Brooklyn Meyer (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Michael Migoski (Technical Studies)

·        Breanna Miles (Health Care Assistant)

·        James Miller (Culinary Arts Diploma)

·        Nickeria Miller (Early Childhood Care/ED Diploma)

·        Garcia Milton (Air Conditioning Tech Degree)

·        Nicolas Mincey (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Sidney Mitchell (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Stuart Mixon (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)

·        Myranda Mobley (Health Care Assistant)

·        Azea Morgan (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Laura Morris (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)

·        Amariah Moultrie (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Brandi Moyer (Air Conditioning Tech Degree)

·        Bakruddin Muhammad (Industrial Maintenance System Technology)

·        Troy Mullen (Criminal Justice Fundamentals)

·        Norma Murillo (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Caleb Nace (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Conner Nadolski (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)

·        Kentasha Nesbitt (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Onyx Nethles (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Zavier Newmarch (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Gerardo Noguera (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Nasiriyah Northcutt (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Larraine Oakes (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Elizabethe O'Donnell (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Mikell Ogle (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Kaden Oglesby (Business Management Diploma)

·        Doris Marie Okain (Technical Specialist)

·        Brittany Oldham (Health Care Assistant)

·        Melissa Olson (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Shamon Orr (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Susan Ortega (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Robert Osterman (Accounting Degree)

·        Emanuel Overstreet (Air Conditioning Tech Diploma)

·        De'keria Padgett (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Yasmin Palomares (Barbering)

·        Paul Panas (Drafting Degree)

·        Christopher Parker (Construction Management Degree)

·        Jordan Parker (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Nilay Patel (Business Management Degree)

·        Phillip Pauley (Industrial Maint Systems Technology)

·        Carson Perry (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Reggie Petit-Homme (Automotive Technology Diploma)

·        Caden Phillips (Construction Management Degree)

·        Julia Pineiro (EMS Professions)

·        Crystal Porter (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Lindsay Poythress (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

·        Keontay Price (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Brody Proctor (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)

·        Richard Proszek (Culinary Arts Diploma)

·        Michael Puleo (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)

·        Sidney Pullen (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Carl Denver Punzalan (Accounting Degree)

·        Kay-Lynn Ragan (Early College Essentials)

·        K’La Rahman (Health Care Assistant)

·        Miley Rahn (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Joseline Rayas Mayo (Health Care Assistant)

·        Madison Reed (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Courtney Reed (Accounting Degree)

·        Jeanette Reese (Automotive Fundamentals)

·        Stephen Renshaw (Air Conditioning Technology Assistant)

·        Mariah Reyes-Howard (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Brooke Reynolds (Early Childhood Care/ED Degree)

·        Joel Rivera (Automotive Technology Diploma)

·        Kaden Roberts (Air Conditioning Electrical Technician)

·        Kevin Roberts (Basic POST Certification)

·        Malajah Roberts (Salon and Spa Support)

·        Aliyah Robinson (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Angeleic Rodgers (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Kimberly Rodriguez (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Ryan Rogers (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Pablo Rosado (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Emma Rowe (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art AAS)

·        Stephanie Sampson (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Justin Sanguily (Air Conditioning Tech Diploma)

·        Aaron Sather (Automotive Fundamentals)

·        Lacie Scardina (Culinary Arts Diploma)

·        Allan Scheurer (Business Management Degree)

·        Christian Scholar (Aviation Maintenance Technology Diploma)

·        Menis Scholtz (Basic POST Certification)

·        Ebonique Seaton (Early Childhood Care/ED Diploma)

·        Robert Seckinger (Air Conditioning Tech Diploma)

·        Matthew Seufer (Advance Airframe and Powerplant)

·        Julian Shirah (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Karlee Shores (A.S. Criminal Justice)

·        Julia Silva (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Aidan Simich (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Terrion Simon (Barbering)

·        Kadynce Singer (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Caden Singleton (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Jacob Sizemore (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Jamie Small (Health Care Assistant)

·        Sharon Smiley (Business Technology Diploma)

·        Samantha Smith (Health Care Science)

·        Elton Smith (Air Conditioning Tech Diploma)

·        Anira Smith (Salon and Spa Support)

·        Zachary Smith (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Erin Smith (Hybrid/Electric Repair Technician)

·        William Smith (Air Conditioning Tech Degree)

·        Tamia Spencer (Health Care Assistant)

·        Dallas Spencer (Early College Essentials)

·        Antrinese Stackhouse (Computer Support Specialist)

·        Jeffrey Stamm (Electrical Technology)

·        Kiersten Stanley (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Male Steible (Criminal Justice Fundamentals)

·        Aubrie Stevens (Technical Specialist)

·        Corina Stewart (Business Management Degree)

·        Ashley Stokes (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Luke Strange (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)

·        Trielawakena Sudler (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Allison Sullivan (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Scott Szurley (Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology)

·        Trent Tate (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Denise Taylor (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Gabrielle Thibodeau (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Faith Tompkins (Marketing Management Degree)

·        Alexandrea Trayes (Accounting Degree)

·        Pedro Trejo-Morales (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Erika Treto (Aircraft Upholstery and Trim)

·        Kimberly Tuopaeh (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Nicholas Tuper (A.S. Logistics Management)

·        Charles Tupper (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Ansley Turner (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Kaili Turner (Health Care Assistant)

·        Mallory Tuttle (Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Degree)

·        Aubrey Ussery (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Nicklas Vanderhoff (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Jasmine Vann (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Migdalia Vargas (Criminal Justice Tech Degree)

·        Jackson Veal (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Norkia Vickers (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Thomas Von Alt (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Jamila Walthour (Health Care Assistant)

·        Eddie Walton (Air Conditioning Tech Diploma)

·        Luciana Washington (Phlebotomy Technician)

·        Ty’Reek Watts (Early College Essentials)

·        Carrie Weber (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Shanique Westberry (A.S. Information Technology)

·        Gideon Weymer (Industrial Maintenance Systems Techology)

·        Alyssa Whitlock (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

·        Daniel Whitman-Agan (Early College Essentials)

·        Ryan Wilkins (Industrial Maint Systems Technology)

·        Tysherrell Williams (Salon and Spa Support)

·        Hailey Williams (Fire Science Technology Diploma)

·        Nia Williams (Aircraft Structural Technology)

·        Kimeka Wilson (Health Care Assistant)

·        Ronnie Windham (Air Conditioning Techology Degree)

·        Jakkrit Wisetsri (Aircraft Structural Technology)

·        Emil Wright (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Adam Wright (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Elijah Young (Hybrid/Electric Repair Technician)

·        David Yulfo Concepcion (Aircraft Structural Technology)

·        Michael C. Zolno (Air Conditioning Technology Assistant)

·        Michael R. Zolno (Technical Studies)