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Schools boast of CRCT scores
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Effingham County school officials are crowing about the results of the Criterion Reference Competency Tests.

At the board of education’s meeting Wednesday, Assistant Superintendent Greg Arnsdorff told board members

Effingham placed in the top 25 percent of state school districts in all middle school subject areas and in all content areas in third and fourth grades. Effingham students also were in the top 25 percent in the state in the language arts portion of the CRCT in first, second and fifth grades.

Arnsdorff said he wanted to point out the scores for the middle schools to the board.

“We tend to look very hard at our middle school program,” he said. “We always look at ways to improve, and we always think there’s more we can do, but to be in the top 25 percent of all the schools in the state in middle grades in all content areas is impressive.”

Arnsdorff said the rank was important because it shows the return taxpayers are receiving for their investment into the school system.

“I think it’s just remarkable top 25 percent in all content areas in all grades,” Superintendent Randy Shearouse said.

Arnsdorff told the board their decision to provide part of the salary for a middle school science coach is showing results in the test scores.

CRCT Results
Elementary Schools
First Grade rankings (of 182 school systems)
Reading — 55
English Language Arts (ELA) — 28
Math — 54

Second Grade rankings
(of 184 systems)
Reading — 52
ELA — 45
Math — 57

Third Grade rankings
(of 183 systems)
Reading — 25
ELA — 26
Math — 18
Science — 27
Social Studies — 28

Fourth Grade rankings
(of 185 systems)
Reading — 33
ELA — 23
Math — 31
Science — 27
Social Studies 28

Fifth Grade rankings
(of 186 systems)
Reading — 56
ELA — 25
Math — 73
Science — 51
Social Studies — 62

Middle School Results
Sixth Grade rankings
(out of 187 systems)
Reading — 35
ELA — 35
Math — 24
Science — 15
Social Studies — 25

Seventh Grade
(out of 188 systems)
Reading — 42
ELA — 20
Math — 17
Science — 17
Social Studies — 25

Eighth Grade
(out of 188 systems)
Reading — 38
ELA — 24
Math — 17
Science — 16
Social Studies — 27