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Students from Effingham make deans list at Georgia Southern
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STATESBORO — Georgia Southern University recently named 2,518 students for excellence in academics to the 2014 spring semester dean’s list.

To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have at least a 3.5 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

The following local students made the 2014 spring semester dean’s list:

Kara Davis of Bloomingdale

Sierra Goforth of Bloomingdale

Ryan Kerby of Bloomingdale

Julie Oetgen of Bloomingdale

Joseph Davis of Clyo

Emily Rodgers of Clyo

Cara Usher of Clyo

Lauren Jeffers of Eden

Thomas Austin of Guyton

Grant Barnett of Guyton

Nina Becton of Guyton

Timothy Bragg of Guyton

Dillon Brown of Guyton

Taquesta Bush of Guyton

Marshall Butler of Guyton

Jace Daley of Guyton

Jacob Deason of Guyton

Christopher Geary of Guyton

Holly Hillhouse of Guyton

Kasey Housend of Guyton

Jordan Jackson of Guyton

Danielle Joyner of Guyton

Eileen Kenny Morgan of Guyton

Michael Melvin of Guyton

Julie Odom-Dixon of Guyton

Rebekah Padgett of Guyton

Tammy Phillips of Guyton

Danielle Pippin of Guyton

Miranda Pitts of Guyton

Melinda Rahn of Guyton

Courtney Restivo of Guyton

James Rotureau of Guyton

Courtney Sheffield of Guyton

Caroline Spivey of Guyton

Brianna Stapleton of Guyton

Charles Taylor of Guyton

Jonathan Templeton of Guyton

Brian Waters of Guyton

Carlie-Ayn Williams of Guyton

Ira Wood of Guyton

Hannah Youmans of Guyton

Jacob Youmans of Guyton

Rochelle Cote of Newington

Lane Hodges of Newington

Leah Aurelio of Rincon

Maggie Aurelio of Rincon

Mark Blankenship of Rincon

Kayla Bridges of Rincon

Caroline Coon of Rincon

David Dess of Rincon

Joshua Gaspard of Rincon

Ashley Harley of Rincon

Bethany Hayes of Rincon

Candace Hayes of Rincon

Dylan Hutcheson of Rincon

Martin Kanode of Rincon

Adam Kight of Rincon

Shannon McLaughlin of Rincon

Sarah McPeek of Rincon

Sarah Mikell of Rincon

Nicholas Monteleone of Rincon

Gwendolyn Newkirk of Rincon

Kelsey Olliff of Rincon

Dimple Patel of Rincon

William Randle of Rincon

Kellie Robertson of Rincon

Megan Schroeder of Rincon

Stephanie Sharron of Rincon

Kimberly Sheehan of Rincon

Joanne Sincavage of Rincon

Scott-Tyler Smith of Rincon

Joshua Summitt of Rincon

Sydnie Van Curen of Rincon

Rachel Williams of Rincon

Jackson Corbin of Springfield

Normary Rivera-Colon of Springfield

Suzannah Stone of Springfield

Morgan Zipperer of Springfield

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