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Students to make amends after food fight
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Some Effingham County High School students have to make amends before being allowed to graduate, following an incident last week.

A food fight last Tuesday, involving approximately 20 students, took place during the first lunch period, Superintendent of Schools Randy Shearouse confirmed. Shearouse said the food fight was “disruptive” and damaged property.

“This food fight was premeditated,” he said, “and students involved disregarded directives of teachers and administrators.”

Students involved in the food fight were suspended from school. They also were required to pay restitution for damages and have been assigned to work details during senior week, Shearouse added. Those students who complete the required consequences and abide by the student code of council will be allowed to participate in class night and graduation ceremonies.

“Order must be maintained for the benefit and safety of all students and school property must be protected for our supportive community of taxpayers,” the superintendent said.