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There she isn't, Mizz South Effingham
Miz SEHS 1
Bridgette Le Pew, better known as Bobby Stroud, is crowned Mizz South Effingham. - photo by Photo by Sandi Van Orden

South Effingham High School kicked off homecoming week with the Mizz SEHS pageant.

Twenty-two students took part.

“I’m glad everyone’s here to watch these fantastic young men become young women,” South Effingham High teacher Eric Harris said.

Harris announced each of the contestants and their interests, which included women’s football, shoe collecting, Barbie collecting, My Little Pony collecting, girl scouts and shopping, among others.

The students participated in casual wear, sports wear and evening wear. The top 10 had a question and answer section. The top five then also had to answer a question.

During the sports wear the students had the option of performing a talent, and there was a special appearance by Danielly Leon (Dan Noel, principal SEHS).

Bridgeete Le Pew (Bobby Stroud) was crowned Mizz SEHS.

Mizz Congeniality was awarded to Evalynn Williams (Evan Williams).

The second runner up was Sassy Squatch (Jasen Bowers). The first runner up was awarded to Francesca Frank (Frank King).

Noel said the student council put the event together, and school secretary Susan Kerley helped with the event.

“Susan Kerley stepped up to the plate to help the kids,” Noel said.

Noel said the students in the pageant were having fun with it.

“It’s the kind of kids we have that when the principal calls you in his office and says he needs a favor,” he said.

He said the students asked if they did it would he do it too.

Noel said it was a fun event to have to kick off homecoming.