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What makes a middle school student successful?
Covenant Christian Academy responds
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Understandably, many parents worry about their children moving on from elementary school to middle school.

They are concerned about their child’s lack of study skills, the stress of juggling six subjects and six teachers, the possibility of “falling through the cracks,” and most of all, negative peer pressure. Many of these issues can be alleviated in the minds of parents if they could answer this question – “What makes a middle school student successful?”

Here is Covenant Christian Academy’s response:

• Middle school students thrive in a smaller environment where teachers know the students’ study habits and hold them accountable for the work they can accomplish with encouragement.

• Organization is an essential skill that must be deliberately taught. Our teachers take the time to create notebooks with students and require that their work remain organized throughout the year.

Every piece of paper represents a subject area — and it should be placed in the appropriate section of their binder. Students must follow the rule of “No loose paper in your desk or book bag.” This system of organization allows easy access to study guides and class notes. With the proper tools in place, they become accustomed to accountability and learn to organize themselves and their work.

• Students thrive in a challenging, nurturing environment with caring teachers, minimal distractions and positive peer pressure. Students who are truly challenged by all of their teachers develop a love for learning and the self-esteem they crave as they recognize their own success.

• By using scripture to teach students ethics and morals, students learn that there is a purpose for their lives and how to live it fully. Teachers disciple students in the nurturing and admonition of the Lord.

• We help students learn how to think logically, rather than merely teaching a group of unrelated subjects. Beginning in the seventh grade, students learn logic and begin to recognize fallacies, holes in arguments and simply to understand word problems in math.

• We teach students how to study and to become consistent, life-long learners.

• We complement academics in after-school activities such as Chess Club, 4-H and Flute Choir. During the school day, interaction with others occurs during music, P.E., art, computer and study hall. Chorus is scheduled to begin in the fall.

• Love your middle schooler. We all know that this age can be a difficult time in a child’s life. When these students know they are genuinely cared about, they show a potential that tends to surprise everyone, even themselves.

These points aren’t just for middle school. With the exception of logic, they hold for all students at our school. Experiencing this type of program as early as possible in a child’s development is critical. When students are organized and successful first, second and third graders, parents will not fear middle school, they will be prepared for it. Is your child prepared?

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