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Ditching the razors to save water
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In order to help Georgia save a little water, Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin is encouraging Department of Agriculture employees to leave the razor by the sink on Fridays.

“We’ve had Casual Fridays as well as casual-dress days to help employees deal with the heat; now we’re instituting a Razor-Free Friday to help with water conservation efforts in Georgia,” said Irvin. “Every little bit helps, and I want to encourage everybody to conserve water in any way they can during this drought.”

As part of Razor-Free Friday, all employees at the Georgia Department of Agriculture will not be required to shave on Fridays. Commissioner Irvin hopes that this new tradition will help everyone to remember the need for water conservation during the drought.

“Of course, not shaving once a week is only one of the things we can do to conserve water.  Taking shorter showers and turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth are just some of the little things Georgians can do to help conserve,” Irvin added.

“I hope our new Razor-Free Friday will help remind our employees, as well as others, that conservation is important now more than ever,” said Irvin. “We all need to pitch in and do whatever we can to save water during these dry times.”