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Marlow postman Shearouse's variety of equipage
Postman John Hardy Shearouse - photo by Photo provided

In January of 1942, Mr. John Hardy Shearouse retired having served over 35 years as a mail carrier on a rural route in the Marlow area. He delivered the 36 mile route for the last time at the end of December. Through all kinds of weather, over roads that were sometimes nearly impassable, with very little time lost due to illness, Mr. “Hardy” Shearouse had delivered mail faithfully to his several hundred patrons on the route.  

Over the years, Mr. Hardy saw many changes. He began the route, then 22 miles long, with the light cart pictured here. Upon his retirement he was driving the “modern” automobile pictured. Over the years he used a variety of horse-drawn and motor vehicles. Part of the route was actually paved over the last few years of his service, but the majority of the route was dirt roads. He served his patrons well.

Photos and information came from an article in the Jan. 17, 1942, edition of the Savannah Morning News. The article was provided by his grandson John Shearouse and his siblings.

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