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More of Farm Bureaus history
1951-52 Virgil Zoller

The state headquarters for the Georgia Farm Bureau organization was originally in Cartersville, then moved to Pelham in Mitchell County in July 1941. As additional county chapters were added, a decision was made to move to a more central location. In 1944, Georgia Farm Bureau’s home office moved to Macon.

The Georgia Farm Bureau public relations office was established in 1951 and began producing daily radio programs for local radio stations. They also began publishing the monthly “Georgia Farm Bureau News” magazine.

The first “Georgia Farm Monitor” TV broadcast in cooperation with WMAZ-TV in Macon aired in 1966. The program is still on the air more than 2,500 episodes later. The “Monitor” airs weekly on 13 television stations in the state, on numerous cable systems and is carried nationally by the RFD-TV and FamilyNet networks.

Agribusiness is Georgia’s leading industry. Agribusiness contributes $71.1 billion to the Georgia economy. Total farm gate value from the University of Georgia College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences for Effingham County in 2013 was $45,211,273.75.

Presidents who served Effingham County Farm Bureau were: Virgil Zoller, 1951-52; B. Franklin Arnsdorff, 1953-54; T.W. Morel, 1955-56; (not pictured) D.L. Zeigler, 1957-61; W.B. Boykin, 1967; Otto L. Hart,1964-66, 68-69; and C. Edward Helmey, 1971-75.

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