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A bad time for the pastor to forget your name
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A pastor in Mississippi was performing a wedding ceremony, when he suddenly realized that he had forgotten the bride’s name. What could he do? He couldn’t say, “Hey, pretty lady, do you take this handsome man?” If he whispered to the groom and asked for the bride’s name, everybody would hear it on his lapel mike, anyway. So he just blurted it out, asking the bride in an apologetic voice, “What’s your name?”

Even more embarrassing was the preacher in Texas who was performing a wedding ceremony for his good friends Ron and Alice. This was after the 1969 movie, later made into a TV show in 1973, called “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.” Perhaps this preacher had been watching too much TV, because all through the wedding he married “Ted and Alice,” not “Ron and Alice”!

Isn’t it good to know that God does not forget our names? He knows every detail about us. Luke 12:7 says that God even keeps a count of how many hairs are on our heads. John 10:3 says that Jesus knows all of his followers personally, like a shepherd who calls his sheep by name.

So even if the preacher forgets your name at your wedding, remember this: Christ is coming for His bride, the church, and He won’t forget your name. He knows all about you, and calls you personally to follow Him!

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