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12 shocking benefits of waking up at 4 AM
12 shocking benefits of waking up at 4 AM - photo by Callie Hansen
We all know waking up in the morning is hard no matter what time it is. But, youll be surprised to find that when you wake up earlier, youre doing the best thing for both your mind and body. Of course, it will take time to get used to a schedule change, but once you get in the habit, youll start seeing shocking benefits.

Here are just 12 benefits youll reap when you start waking up early:

1. Its the time of day when youll be most productive

All of us wish we had a little bit more time in the day to accomplish what we want. So we keep putting off the things we want most until tomorrow. When you wake up earlier, youll have extra time in the morning to accomplish those things. Instead of waiting to finish projects when you get home from work or school, you can focus your morning energy into working on and finally finishing your projects.

In fact, young adult author of The Sun is Also a Star Nicola Yoon, recently expressed during a reading at the University of Utah that while she is a mother of two young children, she found that early in the morning was the only time for her to write. Since waking up early, Yoon has published two bestselling novels. Waking up early proved to be successful for her, so why not you?

2. You will be motivated to go to the gym (and spend more time there)

If youre in need of exercise but lack the time to actually get yourself to the gym, waking up early will give you the motivation and the time you need to get your heart pumping. Not only will you feel refreshed after a good workout, but youll be able to make the most of your workout by spending more time at the gym.

3. You will get extra hours of work

Whether youre single, married or a stay at home mom, you have a job to do. Waking up earlier allows you the for you to accomplish what you need to before the day begins. More than that, youll be able to stroll into work a few hours earlier, put in extra hours of work to add to your paycheck, and even clock out early for the day.

4. You wont have to sacrifice your sleep (youll actually get more)

Waking up earlier means youll have to adjust your schedule. Depending on how much sleep you need during the night, you may need to go to sleep earlier in order to wake up earlier. But studies have proven it is healthy for both your mind and body to wake up early. In fact, by going to bed early and waking up early, youll get a better nights rest and not wake up in the morning feeling tired.

5. Your body will physically improve

Between going to the gym and having more time in the morning for your body to wake up, you will see drastic changes in your bodys physical condition. Youll end up healthier than youve ever been before.

6. The snooze button will finally die

The key to waking up early in the morning lies with the death of the snooze button. You can set up alarms on your phone now so you arent allowed to press snooze. That way its up to you to actually wake up or suffer the consequences of going back to sleep. Without the snooze button, youll be more likely to wake up and formulate a habit of waking early, and in that habit, you won't need a snooze button.

7. There will be more time to plan your day

If youre one of those people who lies awake at night stressing over what you need to do the next day, the best way to solve that problem is to wake up early the next morning. Youll be able to plan out everything you need to do for the day and get a head start. Itll make for a much more productive day.

8. Youll actually get to eat a proper breakfast

When was the last time you sat down to eat a healthy breakfast? Its the most important meal of the day and rather than skip it, youll actually get to fill your stomach with something healthier than the snacks in the break room at work.

9. Theres no need for stress because you wont be running late

Unnecessary stress is caused by waking up late, getting ready late and running late for the days activities. Take charge of your morning by waking up early and giving yourself ample time to get ready. Theres never a better feeling than strolling out the door in the morning, knowing youre early!

10. You will have more free time later in the day

By accomplishing more on your to-do list in the morning, youll have more time later in the day to do what you want. Youll be able to spend more time with your kids and give them the one-on-one time they need with both of their parents. Youll be able to do things you love to do rather than procrastinating and putting them off.

11. Youll develop a happier, more positive attitude

When youve finally started accomplishing things youve set out to do earlier in the day, its a natural reaction to feel happier and have a positive attitude about life. Things will be a little bit brighter, youll be more patient with your children on the bad days, and actually have time to rejuvinate yourself.

12. Youll have a new perspective about the world

By waking up early, youll get to see things most people dont. Early mornings will teach you things not only about the world, but about yourself. Youll gain a new perspective and live a better and healthier life.