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12 things that are totally worth waiting for
12 Things
The craziest shopping day of the year doesnt come until close to the Christmas season, but its definitely worth the wait. You get the deals, the ridiculous store opening times, and the quality conversations with friends and family. The National Retail Federation also found that people who spend $300 on Black Friday save about $90 and you can't beat the experience of being out in the hectic holiday mad rush. - photo by

We love to wait.

According to studies published in Psychological Science, people love to wait for things as long as there’s an experience associated with the waiting process. Rather than going out and buying an item, people are finding pleasure and planning when and where they’re going to buy something. The delayed experience makes the result all the more sweet, the study found.
“You get those same pleasurable effects long before you even make the purchase and now, researchers have found, waiting to buy those experiences is a lot more fun, too,” wrote Mandy Oaklander for Time magazine.

Waiting can be a drag, though. For instance, when you’re waiting in the DMV, it can last more than 30 minutes, according to The Daily Voice — and often times it’s not fun sitting in a building of plain colored walls with stacks of forms that will control your vehicular future. But there are things that come from outside the lines as well.

Here’s a list of 12 things that are worth waiting for:

Black Friday
The craziest shopping day of the year doesn’t come until close to the Christmas season, but it’s definitely worth the wait. You get the deals, the ridiculous store opening times, and the quality conversations with friends and family. The National Retail Federation also found that people who spend $300 on Black Friday save about $90 — and you can't beat the experience of being out in the hectic holiday mad rush.

Sometimes it may seem like a drag to sit through all those annoying trailers before a movie. But without that, you would have never seen what movies are coming out in the near future you may also want to watch. Though some have expressed concern with seeing too much of the movie in the previews, movie trailers are often large hits on the Internet. Plus, it helps you get amped up before the motion picture hits the big screen.

Put down the phone. You may be able to do something else that is more beneficial for you. This is especially true for sixth-graders who actually become better at reading emotions when they put down the screens, according to Deseret News National.
But setting the cellphone down and starting a conversation with a complete stranger can actually make you happier, according to a study from earlier this year. Waiting to send that emoji — and sparking up conversation with a stranger or someone new — can make you a lot happier.

Buying tech
You’ll see deals all the time where tech and gadget prices are sliced thin as a way to entice the buyer. But don’t go swiping the credit card just yet. Forbes’ Tony Bradley wrote that for some tech items, it’s best to wait things out and reconsider other prices, mostly because the supplier probably dropped the price for a reason — because the product lost its value. Mulling over how much you saved in terms of a profit margin may not actually be helpful.

“Consider those deals wisely,” he wrote, “because a great price on a device or technology that doesn’t provide enough value is just a waste of money.”

Medical issues
You shouldn’t wait to get something medically checked out, but do wait to freak out or worry too much over a diagnosis. Second opinions are often encouraged. The Center for Advancing Health, for example, says second opinions can be difficult for people, but the results that come out of it will make people feel more confident in the diagnosis.

The food cooking in this microwave
OK, now this is awesome. Cooking up a Hot Pocket or brewing up some mac and cheese? Well, there’s a microwave that’ll play YouTube videos for you while you’re waiting for your food to cook. Not a bad way to spend that 1 minute, 30 seconds it takes to cook your dinner.

Choosing a religion
Oh, you thought choosing a religion would be easy? Well, there’s a bunch of religions that you may not have heard of, and some experts have advised researching different churches and beliefs so you can get the full scope of what’s out there before settling on a faith (or not).

To call your potential employer … for a little bit
Don’t call the place you just interviewed with immediately after you’re done with the interview. Job expert Ronnie Ann explained that waiting about a week to send a thank-you note or follow-up phone call to the company can actually help you get the job.
“Show you have patience and professionalism by waiting at least a week – or better yet two (depending on the type of job) – before you follow-up after the thank you note,” Ann wrote.

Getting married
This is an ongoing trend for Americans: It seems people are waiting to actually get married. ABC News reported back in June that most Americans are waiting until they're a little older — 25.1 years old for women, 26.8 years old for men — to get married, mostly so they can get a handle on their lives and career goals before settling down.

'The One'
Some Christians aren’t waiting for "The One" anymore when it comes to exploring sexual intercourse, recent studies have found, but there are benefits to waiting for the right person, and some are even scientific. According to WebMD, sexual quality is higher for those who waited over those who didn’t, the relationship is 22 percent more stable and the satisfaction with those relationships is 20 percent higher, too.

Getting a pregnancy test
What are the benefits of waiting to take a pregnancy test? Well, waiting can help you get more educated on the subject. Whether you’re waiting for the results of the test, or you’re deciding if you should get one or not, you can prepare yourself for what may come next and even start looking up the healthy habits you’ll have to follow if you are indeed pregnant, according to Pregnancy & Baby, a pregnancy resource website.

Potty training
Don’t go right ahead and start teaching your kid how to use the toilet. Waiting to potty train has its benefits — mostly that they’ll be ahead intellectually and will help you avoid some dissatisfaction while training them, one blogger wrote.

“If you are contemplating potty training and your child is not yet three, give yourself a break and wait it out,” the blogger wrote. “At the end of the game, your child will be just as potty trained as those who started a year ago, except you probably saved yourself a lot of aggravation.”

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