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Experiment shows people cant stand your embarrassing music
This YouTuber decided to test people's willingness to forgive a grave offense: Listening to loud, embarrassing songs in public with no headphones. - photo by Mary Dalrymple

QUIET ZONE Have you ever been sitting on a quiet train, trying to relax before the work day starts, only to have your peaceful moment interrupted by a blast of early 2000s hip-hop that you were not ready to hear this early in the morning?

If this has happened to you, you're not alone. And you can probably agree that not using headphones around other people is a top public offense. But what happens when someone tries to test the public's willingness to forgive this grave offense? As you can see in this video, the results turn out like you might expect with a lot of people annoyed.

The man behind the YouTube channel markbtelevision headed to a few quiet, public spots in Manchester, England, to put his social experiment to the test. To get the best results, he picked out particularly embarrassing songs and "forgot" to plug his headphones in all the way. What follows is a lot of side-eye and laughter from those around him.

At the very least, this video is a good reminder to be considerate of others when you're out in public, but it's also pretty entertaining to watch how different people react in an uncomfortable situation. My personal favorite is the girl at the train station who just looks around scowling until the guy finally turns the music off himself, because I would definitely do the same thing.