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Have You Seen This? Duck bests tiger in epic swimming game
A tiger in an Australian wildlife park solidly proves that might isnt always right when he encounters a crafty duck in a swimming pool. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE POOL Once upon a time, Jular, the Sumatran tiger, was minding his own business in his swimming pool at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.

However, as most adults (and some children) know, minding your own business doesnt mean that the hardships of life wont find and pester you to some degree or another.

As you will see in the video, this sad fact is exactly what Jular learned one day when he met a duck in the swimming pond in Julars enclosure. This clever Ducky McDuckerson was going to do anything it took to get a proper swim, and in this case, it meant avoiding Julars natural instincts to pounce.

Unfortunately for Jular, weighing about 280 pounds and using his innate predatory instincts meant absolutely nothing to Ducky, who deftly thwarted Jular at every turn.

Indeed, the duck seemed to be teasing Jular, flapping its wings in the tigers peripheral vision to encourage another pounce. But Ducky McDuckerson was far too crafty, and it played its trick of diving and swimming away underwater countless times, much to the frustration of Jular.

According to the video description, after his tiger pride was wounded for over 10 minutes, Jular finally left the pool to take a nap in the shade for the rest of the day. Its hard not to see that final wing flap from Ducky as the nail in the coffin of his gloating reign of terror.

So let Julars tale of woe, and Ducky McDuckersons tale of triumph, be lessons to us all: might is not always right, and brains (even bird brains) over brawn can win the day.